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Celebrating Abilities
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Not For Profit Registered Charity
Not For Profit Registered Charity

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It's not just what we make; it's what we make possible.
We are an inclusion studio that assists ‘special needs family participation'. That allows all children with special needs take part in daily family life. We walk run play ball and fly you in the sky in our harness.
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The Benefits & Services
This is a free service where our goal is to assist as many participants as possible, where they will be given the opportunity to spend three to six months or longer. Each participant is assessed individually. The Celebrating Abilities Program develops the participant’s fitness and overall wellbeing and health through the provision of a supervised program tailored to their specific needs.

Based on the Individuals needs and goals – Celebrating Abilities has helped people rehabilitate their bodies with strength training, weights, Antigravity yoga, core conditioning, Pilates mat classes and Pilates reformer beds, rowing, Cardio conditioning, suspension training, We provide life coaching too (optional) and the use of the full gym at Vibes Fitness Fitzroy.

Group or Individual sessions with a personal trainer. Life coaching and personal empowerment sessions are also available with Andrew Fullers team.

Our focus is on empowering and transforming lives by Celebrating Abilities.

We offer support, rehabilitation to people with disabilities, their carers and families as they try to overcome the plethora of obstacles in the way of things, most people take for granted, like walking, moving around freely.

We have worked with people who have mental health challenges, MS, intellectual disabilities, Down Syndrome, ADD , ADHD, Autism, Aspergers, congenital conditions, Stroke, Amputees, Cerebral Palsy, etc

Benefits for all the clients we have worked with in Celebrating Abilities via Vibes Fitness Fitzroy, Melbourne

Nutrition Advice, education, balanced diet

Boost the immune system

Fun, playful, life changing

Improving flexibility

Boost self-confidence and help prevent depression

Motivation and self-esteem increases

Oxygenating the blood flow improving circulation

Improves mobility

Lowers high blood pressure – reducing the risk of developing heart disease

Promote healthy blood sugar levels to prevent or control diabetes

Provides natural pain relief

Regular exercise in hammocks helps with the treatment of depression and anxiety

Muscle definition is improved and body fat reduced, this can help to make you feel better about your appearance

Improves co-ordination

Improves strength and balance and hence reduces falls and fractures.

Improvements in quality of sleep

Promotes psychological well-being and reduces feelings of stress

Mind, Body and Spirit awareness,


Increased strength and mobility and achievement of body shape goals

Increased health and well-being through Life coaching and goal setting sessions

Weight loss – Body shaping advice to sculpt or build

Muscle rehabilitation –workshops to improve self esteem and empower

Anxiety and Stress management — Improving resilience and overall satisfaction with life and so much more


Increased body awareness

Activating and stimulating muscles

Feeling good about yourself


Body transformations

Aiding circulation
Celebrating Abilities in Melbourne
Celebrating Abilities in Melbourne
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Post has attachment About Us – Services & Benefits
Celebrating Abilities is a not for profit organisation, that focuses on ABILITY rather than DISABILITY.

Our team works to increase awareness and make a difference in the way people with disabilities develop and celebrate who they are, accept the difference and focus on ability.

The program is available to all ages from children to adults and their Carers. We are here to be of service.

We have had great success in supporting individuals with special needs, disability – whether physical, acquired, mental health, intellectual or emotional Our goal is to support, nurture and develop the well-being of as many participants possible by providing support with exercise, rehabilitation, wellness coaching, mindfulness, meditation, strength and conditioning and personal training. All participants in this program do not pay fees as this is a free service

Celebrating Abilities in conjunction with Vibes Fitness is committed to providing inclusive training, rehabilitation, exercise, fitness and well being by working with anyone with a disability that wants to increase their strength, flexibility and overall confidence, motivation, and happiness.
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