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Anyone know of a character builder for WFRP 3e? A friend of mine asked me about an automated way to help track his character. 

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This is encouraging news. Maybe we'll have another version of Warhammer FAntasy RPG or at least more content.
It was just confirmed to Grim & Perilous Studios last night by GW’s licensing department that they are in the process of concluding a deal with a major European publisher for world-wide distribution rights to Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. While no other details were shared, we can only speculate which major European RPG publishers may have acquired the rights.

More details here:

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Excellent article about a dig in Illinois.

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Grim and Perilous adventure. A good successor to WFRP.

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Through Monday, December 12 we present two installments in our popular annual series of gamemastering texts and play aids, the Worldbuilder's Toolkit. The all-new Worldbuilder's Toolkit +4, our fourth collection, runs in parallel with the resurrected November 2014 Toolkit +2, which longtime customers may remember as "the one with Hamlet's Hit Points."

1. Worldbuilder's Toolkit +4 [all-new]

This new bargain-priced Toolkit +4 offer includes two Kobold Guides, Engine Publishing's Focal Point, deluxe papercraft print-and-assemble dice towers from Fat Dragon Games, and many more ways to enhance your tabletop fun. Pay just US$9.95 to get all seven titles in this offer's Starter Collection (retail value $53) as DRM-free .PDFs:

- Kobold Guide to Combat (Kobold Press, retail price $10): Nearly 20 master designers give tips for creating great conflicts.
- Design for Writers and Roleplayers (Dancing Lights Press, retail $7 each, total retail $35): Five full-length treatises by Berin Kinsman on NPCs, alignment, setting design, story structure, and group dynamics -- Building Characters, Group Dynamics, Setting Design, Story Structure, and Understanding Alignment.
- Fat Dragon Ultimate Dice Tower (retail $8): Print, cut, fold, and assemble this full-color papercraft tower from Fat Dragon Games.

And if you pay more than the threshold (average) price, which is set at $19.95 to start, you'll level up and also get this offer's entire Bonus Collection with four more titles (retail value $59):

- Kobold Guide to Magic (Kobold Press, retail $15): Another star-studded collection of essays that make magic mysterious once more.
- Focal Point (Engine Publishing, retail $12): The seasoned gamemasters from Gnome Stew detail ways to make your gaming sessions extraordinary.
- Fat Dragon Ultimate GM Screen 2 (retail $12): An impressive full-color print-and-assemble papercraft gamemaster screen with dice towers, shelves for miniatures, and other features.
- How to Run Fast & Exciting Combats (Roleplaying Tips Publishing, retail $20): Johnn Four of shows you, in detail, exactly how to GM fights in half the time with double the excitement. Includes three bonus titles: The Legendary Combat Swipes Book, 3 Easy Ways to Add More Story to Combat, and Top 10 Reasons Why Your Combats Are Slow.

2. Worldbuilder's Toolkit +2 [revived from Nov 2014]

The resurrected Worldbuilder's Toolkit +2 helps you create your roleplaying campaign world, populate it with memorable nonplayer characters, and design hundreds of adventures. For just $7.95 you get all five titles in this offer's Starter Collection (retail value $37):

- How to Host a Dungeon (Tony Dowler, retail $5): In this solo game of dungeon creation, you throw dice onto tracing paper and draw underground chambers where they land.
- A Magical Society: Beast Builder (Expeditious Retreat Press, retail $10): A colorful monster-building system.
- The Bones: Us and Our Dice (Gameplaywright, retail $8): A collection of essays about polyhedral relationships.
- The Lazy Dungeon Master (Sly Flourish, retail $6): Mike Shea's influential treatise on improving your D&D campaign the easy way.
- Sly Flourish's DM Tips (Sly Flourish, retail $8): Mike Shea returns with solid, proven steps that can immediately improve your game.

Pay more than the threshold price (starting at just $14.95) to also get this offer's complete Bonus Collection with four more ebooks (retail value $48):

- Hamlet's Hit Points (Gameplaywright, retail $8): Robin D. Laws (Feng Shui, GUMSHOE) teaches you to analyze nine types of story "beats" to improve your campaign's storytelling. A landmark study, Hamlet's Hit Points directly inspired Robin's Hillfolk RPG.
- Odyssey (Engine Publishing, retail $12): A complete, system-neutral guide to campaign management from Engine Publishing (Unframed, Eureka, Focal Point).
- City Builder: A Guide to Designing Communities (Skirmisher Publishing, retail $20): Bring ancient, medieval, and fantasy cities alive with dozens of hook-filled places, plus a random guild generator.
- The Dungeon Dozen (Jason Sholtis, retail price $8): Over 200 brilliantly imaginative system-independent tables by Jason (Operation Unfathomable) Sholtis.

Ten percent of each payment (after gateway fees) goes to these offers' designated charity, Doctors Without Borders.

Want some great advice? Get both these Worldbuilder's Toolkit offers before they end together Monday, December 12.

Worldbuilder's Toolkit +4 [all-new]

Worldbuilder's Toolkit +2 [revived from Nov 2014]

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If anyone is interested in picking up a 3e core set for $40, Fantasy FLight is having their clearance sale. 

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This looks like a lot of fun and neat tech.
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