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Cedar Oils
Dr. Ben's Cedar Oil Spray the Organic Insect Control Porgram
Dr. Ben's Cedar Oil Spray the Organic Insect Control Porgram

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Dr Ben's Paws & Claws cedar oil is formulated for dogs, cats and pets. This specifically formulated bio-solution is targeted to rid your pets of fleas, ticks, mites, mange and other skin issues safely without the use of harmful chemicals. Natures Defender cedar oil concentrate can be used outdoors for your lawn and kennels. The concentrate can be diluted with water and applied with any hose end sprayer to control Fleas & Ticks in your lawn. The concentrate can also be used as a dip for pets and livestock for the control of fleas and ticks.

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Winter is around the corner and insects like people are looking for a warm place to stay, don't let it be your home!
Protect your home with Dr. Ben's Cedar Oil, your alternative to using toxic chemicals.
Our indoor / outdoor kit will keep those unwanted pest out of your home.
For more information click the link below.

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We have launched a new website and are looking for affiliates to promote our products.
Earn 15% commission on all sales.
Visit: for details.

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This Spring Keep Your Lawn Free From Tick & Fleas.

Natures Defender lawn treatment is a cedar oil concentrate that can be applied with a hose end sprayer. Simply attach to your garden hose and spray.
Now you can keep your lawn insect free without using toxic pesticides.
Keep your lawn tick and flea free this spring with all natural #cedaroilspray  . This concentrate comes in either ready to use or if you have a sprayer you can just dilute the concentrate. One quart makes 8 gallons mixed.
Take your lawn back.

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Black Friday - Cyber Monday Special. 4 Days Only.

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Fall Special, Limited time only!!

#cedaroil  Concentrate save $10 + Free Shipping thru Oct 31.
For outdoor use only makes 8 gallons. Cedar oil for lawns and insect control.

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Fall is here and winter is just around the corner.
Now is the time to treat your lawn to eliminate insects and their larve and eggs.
“NATURES DEFENDER” is a water soluble compound formulated using organic inerts that promote micron size VMD (droplets) beneficial for use in typical insect control methods such as compression or pressure spray delivery. The chemical free solution will not stain. The Cedar Aroma creates a "Barrier of Entry" making treated areas off limits to non-beneficial insects in your lawns. The bio solvent influenced cedar oil will dissolve insect egg and larvae by eroding the exoskeleton and cuticle, promoting rapid dehydration. Dilution ratio's vary from hand held and backpack sprayer at 4 ounces concentrate to one gallon water while using a larger applicator you can dilute at 1 gallon concentrate to 100 gallon water tank which can be used effectively to control insects such as Ants, Mosquito's, Flies, Moths, Grubs, Army Worms, Mole Crickets, Fleas, Ticks, Chiggers, Grasshoppers, White Fly, Mediterranean Fruit Fly, Mites, Citrus Rust Mite, nematodes, Aphids, Scale, Stink Bugs, Bag Worms, Eastern Tent Caterpillar and numerous other flying, crawling and subterranean pests including termites of all species. “NATURES DEFENDER” is also a natural organic Bactericide and fungicide and will effectively control Powdery Mildew and other related fungal organisms such as Brown Patch.
SAVE $5 when ordering before Oct 31.
Enter Coupon Code FALL visit:

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CEDAR OIL SPRAY: Is been a proven method of pest control that emphasizes simple, inexpensive, 100% organic practices for pest control that cause no harm to people or the environment.
Our cedar oil spray focuses on building a barrier of entry on the perimeter of your property, so bugs stay out of your yard, which means they stay out of your home.

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We have redesigned our website, we would love to here your opinions or suggestions on how we can improve.
Have a Bug Free Day! 
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