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I just want to say that the flight attendant was a really nice person trying to do her job. So what's wrong?
She was convinced that a terrorist could stream live and pose a risk. She showed to me the magazine where it says you can't... I asked her how do you feel about cellphones. And she said that's different... Then I explained that I just steamed a pic I took to the internet from my cell ...

This is a problem on education and perception and ultimately is the reptilian reaction at its best. 
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So after carefully explaining how Glass works, were you allowed to put them back on?
Well on boarding time I just took it off. Then she came back and showed me the magazine. I explained the wifi was broken on the plane so I could not stream and another flight attendant wanted to try Glass so I asked permission and showed her and then I put it away. I did not wanted to cause problems... 
My last flight I saw someone taking a video during take off with an iPad. Yep... One of those people. I just laughed cause well she was taking a video with an iPad.
Odd that Airlines would have any issue with glass. 
I have flown quite a bit with Glass, even on United. There's never been an issue for me or my employees wearing Glass. It sounds like you ran into an unenlightened flight attendant.
She explained that he soon was a geek and his husband was a justice I think she said and that's why she knows so much 
Frankly, I dont really understand why anybody needs to wear Glass on an aircraft, regardless of 'security'. is it just because it's a hip gadget you feel the need to show fellow passengers? or is there an actual use you see it being for? I'm genuinely curious.
I don't judge these people, even when they make poor decisions on something new, they have so many things to handle and so many regulations to remember.  Hopefully airlines will create proper policies on this though.
More Explorers need to handle these situations like you did by the sounds of it. I can't imagine a better way of doing it than calmly explaining it to them, but still not being rude about it and putting them away. 
Flying +Alaska Airlines tomorrow night.. I hope I don't run into something like this haha! But if I do, well, you just gave me pointers. :)
+William Dowell When you can get Glass with prescription lenses, it will be a bigger issue than just asking somebody to "put away their cool toy". There are games you can play, videos you can watch, messages you can send, and more functionality added all the time as people develop. Glass isn't just a $1500 hip eyewear camera. If it was, it would have a Prada logo on it.
These miscues while an inconvenience to us Explorers we need to see them for what they really are teaching moments. With each of these incidents if we handle them correctly like +Cecilia Abadie, and so many other unnamed Explorers we dispell the monster in the closest perception to Glass, and push it one step closer to widespread acceptance. 
Wearable color bands +Cecilia Abadie ! I'm telling you it's a million dollar idea. Well, at least a few thousand :D
Frustrating...If flight attendant wants me to take it off, I translate that as to wanting me to turn it off and my answer is yes, I will turn it off and I will "turn off" my smartphone camera too. Everyone's happy.
Agreed, we Explorers have so much influence to the public, if only +Google Glass would see that and tap into that influence. I have never had a problem, and I believe that is because I subscribe to what you said above.  I think #Google  should change the name to Ambassadors...
I've never had issues with Glass on flights. Even on United. 
I've flown a lot wearing Glass and never had an issue with airlines or TSA.
This should change very soon. Glassic has aviation software(pilots and flight attendants) for Glass, and we have Pilot projects with several US Airlines. As soon as that FAA approval comes through, they will all be notified that Glass is ok!
I've flown numerous times with Glass and the crew was always amazed with it. The captains love it. On one of the flights a flight attendant had told the captain about me and he waited at the exit when we landed to talk to me about it and how he could use it during preflight checks. Ironically I had mentioned to him that he can use the Genie app and the checklist feature in there for that. He was amazed by it. I think it's more of a personal preference. Someone who has the authority to stop you from using glass... Doesn't like Glass and will go to the extent to make you remove it. I've encountered those types. 
The problem is with the marketing/perception of Glass. The price point puts it in an elitist light to the general public and uninformed. I definitely don't fit into the elitist mold I'm a regular everyday Vet who goes to school. If +Google/ +Google Glasswere to market it to the everyman and woman as a tool to lift the vail of isolation that our phones and tablets can sometimes suck us into I really think the fear and Glasshole perception would disappear. Market it as the game changing tool that it is. While I was at WonderCon this past weekend I was stopped hundreds of times by fellow con goers. The thing I kept coming back to during the demos was Glass should be viewed as a way to give us a measure of our lives back (living our lives behind the glass and lenses of our phones) while still being able to share our world and lives with our friends and family throughout the world. If that message was propagated by Google we wouldn't have some of the issues we do as a community. 
+Nick Turide the battery wouldn't last and it would get so hot you would smell it..

+William Dowell you don't wear it just when you need it.. That's the point of smart wearable tech.. It's there if the occasion arises..

Why do people need their cell phones on their person at anytime? Because they may get an email, or message or call.. Well glass let's you get all that sent right to you without having to check your cell phone.

Also, if something comes up that is a "Kodak" moment and suddenly everyone is pulling out their cell phone to capture it.. You just click a button on glass and ...done

They aren't a toy you wear to impress.. They have a lot of functionality despite the cookie cutter argument of how they are a gadget with limited functionality right now..

Those of us that use them know how invaluable they are. I took my mother to NY for the weekend and decided I wasn't going to wear them.. It is unbelievable how many times I wished I had them. It was the same feeling you get when you leave your house and forget your cell phone at home.. What if someone calls.. Messages.. Emails.. What if I need GPS.. What if I have to look something up on the internet.. Find out what track that is that it's playing at the bar i'm at.. We get accustomed to the convienences offered by our gadgets and Google glass offers a lot..
Oh really +Chris Vaxevanis?

That's so weird because I watch movies & shows on Glass every single day.

I don't even have a tv in my room anymore, I prefer glass.

If you sideload a movie and turn off wifi/Bluetooth you can easily watch an entire movie on 1 charge. That's what I do each day.

Also netflix streaming is pretty good too. I can get about an hour, which is perfect for tv shows, I just finished house of cards all on Glass.

It upsets me when people tell me watching videos on glass is impractical.

It's the same argument I've heard before, "no one is gonna watch videos on (laptop, tablet, smartphone,ect) because the screen is too small & the battery sucks!"

+Chris Vaxevanis glass has already satisfied my needs as far as portable video watching go.

& this is only beta, it will only get better from here. 
+Nick Turide I'll have to try that because mine gets super hot after 3 minutes of video recording.. Especially after they sent me the new version (with the creepy stalker wink photo feature :p) and took away my old one. Perhaps mine is defective and I should ask for a replacement.

Glass has become invaluable for me with no video watching.. At first I thought I would watch tutorial videos on YouTube while I tackle diy projects.. Now it's more than I could have imagined
Judging them is the perfect way to get them to change their ways too. Typical.
+Chris Vaxevanis my glass also gets really hot and it freeze.... I get a message that says glass needs to cool down to function properly. I wonder if we got defective ones? 
I had no idea you could do that +Nick Turide
Also., couldn't agree more with +Chris Vaxevanis on the reasons to use it besides you shouldn't have to be rushed to take them off as you enter the plane but do the same as your cell put it off if you feel like it... I love taking vignettes of clouds on every flight like you can see on my profile. 
Mike V
As HardOCP pointed out, you are something that rhymes with "retention store" lol...
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