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What??? +Sergey Brin on a session? +Becca Samson we can't thank you enough!! #throughglass
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Wow! He can buy and sell all your asses!
Invite him to the event tonight!!
The only thing I find myself wondering is what you guys are all doing there?
Nice to see he's wearing his Glass! Tell him he gets a free drink if he joins us tonight! Lol!
I would have asked for a Glass demo from him. I wonder what's running on his Glass? 
Did you all notice anything on his wrist that is worth noting?
Is he asleep? LOL

+Dan Baran IKR Antonio doesn't come to GDG then this?

You know I'm jealous Antonio! But also happy for you all!
For all of you that wonder if he's asleep the answer is totally no, he was super interested on what worked and what didn't for us and our explorers stories. That was me uploading a pic from Glass without seeing all the details on that second ;)
It's all good ... "Quasi-science quote about learning better while asleep."

Realistically though thank you for sharing!
Sorry +Ivan Yudhi and all. It'll hopefully be announced soon. I was just too excited and had to share ....
So jealous of this event! Thanks for posting some pictures 
That is insane.
I can't wait to hear more about what you all talked about! It's a life dream of mine to meet him.
The cool people have Glass I see '-)
This is a Glass meeting - everyone had it
I am not ashamed to say I was star struck for the first time EVER!
Haha, what about jackalopes or chupacabras? We have a lot of those down here in Tejas. Is it really that cool?
Can a jackalope take a picture of a kitten from your FACE?? 
Who's face? My face? I want to work at Google. Seriously.
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