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I'm taking a pic with my cellphone because I'm not allowed to take it with Google Glass. It had to be United the first plane that they asked me to take Glass off because of security concerns. 
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+Cecilia Abadie security concerns?  On an airplane where damn near everyone has a smart phone with a camera?  

I really need these idiots to be a bit more educated. 
+United care to explain how a device with no more computing power than low powered smart phone is a security concern? Especially when every other mobile device is allowed on your plane? Don't worry, I'll wait.   #Glasscrimination  
If you had frames with prescription lenses I wonder what they would have said.
If/When I get glass I will have the prescription frames and I will not allow them to tell me I cannot. It is against FAA regulations to prevent me from having needed medical gear (insulin, etc) with me. I have my prescription for my lenses with me at all time as is.
Guess I won't be flying +United, not because I want to wear Glass on a plane, but because I don't want to entrust my life to a company that stupid.
I avoid United at all cost. Someone booked me on this flight. 
Sigh, sadly, not surprised. I'm curious if +United is going to respond to this.
Hmm, this one has me stumped...maybe the security concern is they didn't want a picture of what might be illegal in-flight entertainment? Or perhaps it's the X-Ray capability of glass (who knew) that could compromise the identity of air marshals on board? Or MAYBE, they didn't want a picture/video of the in-flight safety instruction/demo pointing out the little known fact that your packet of peanuts serves as your pillow, flotation device and in-flight meal.
I think they only get one notification, regardless of how many times you tag them.
+Cecilia Abadie I get the same response when I visit some clients...and of course the engineer that has to relay this information agrees with me that its stupid because I am allowed to use my cell phone everywhere..not to mention that to approve their product I have all their confidential design drawings so im not sure what more I could get with glass...a picture of their ceo having sex with his secretary? Im sure id have enough time to pull out my cell phone.
+Chris Vaxevanis Perhaps, you wouldn't have enough time. That's what they are afraid of people finding out, that it wasn't long lasting.
+David Callaway I was referring to 4 tags in one comment... I believe that only yields one notification.
The skies are safe once again from the horrors of a heads up display. Thank you,  United Airlines.
+Rob Aymett you have to read +David Callaway's comment with the right voice in your head.. :P

As for the time..Google glass may have made me a "lucky Luke" at the draw (reference only for people who have read the comic), but im still quite fast without it.
One more reason for me to never fly +United again. Recently flew +American Airlines, they were really nice,even had a chat with the pilot about Glass. At the gate,that is,not in flight. Just wanted to add 😊
More likely is that a passenger had issues w/ Glass, but the flight attendant decided to say 'security concerns' instead.
So now flight attendants cater to stupid passengers? I wanna start making stupid requests and see how they respond?
You couldn't pay me enough to deal with passengers on an airplane.

I've flown a few times w/ Glass and the only thing any staff has ever said 'How do you like them?' and that was the TSA agent checking boarding passes and ID's.  Never had an issue with attendants or passengers.
I've hated +United for a long time now due to their terrible service. I already refuse to fly with them but thanks +Cecilia Abadie for adding to my reasons why. 
Security? Bust out a dslr full camera on the plane no problem. Then whip out a laptop a tablet my phone an eReader and and mp3 player for good measure. Smh. Ignorance is no excuse 
+Cecilia Abadie Could you give me the flight #? I would like to dig around with this and ask somebody at their NOC and see what they have to say.
I did delta and southwest multiple times with Glass and had no problems.
I fly regularly around the country.  So far, I have never been asked to remove Google Glass ( I do wear my prescription lenses with it )

While you are required to comply with instructions from the flight crew, remember to politely take it up with United's PR/Ombudsman afterwards.   

Flight crew are allowed to do many things, but they are NOT simply allowed to make up rules for their own entertainment.

On the contrary I find rather curious reaction from flight attendants. This is really surprising with what united flight attendants did.
( United Airlines does not currently have an active Google+ profile that I am aware of.  It is unlikely that they would be able to see or respond to a post here.   This is one of those instances where cross-posting to #twitter  would be useful)
Your point #2 allows them to make up things. Maybe not for their entertainment but a "do what I say or go to jail" instruction goes a long way, even if it is something I couldn't imagine complying with.

For example, I read an account on FlyerTalk about a guy who was bumped from his assigned seat by a resting captain and the previous passenger in his new seat had urinated himself. They wouldn't taxi back so he had to sit in piss or go to jail.
James, if you dig deeper, the FAA order isn't 'every', it's 'every reasonable' request.

You can't go making an asshat of yourself (or a glasshole) but you do not have to blindly comply either.

If the request is not reasonable, and can not or should not be accommodated, THEN you can do something about it.   Even then, you must be level-headed.

If a flight attendant tells me to sit in a urine-stained seat, and there is another seat available (even in first class or in the back row of the plane) I would =insist= on being moved to the nearest working seat. 

If that urine-soaked seat is the only seat available, and it's about flight safely, I'll ask to have a few blankets put on that seat and then take care of the awfulness of the situation afterwards with United's ombudsman.  

I'm a +1M miler, and I've nearly seen it all when it comes to flying.   Even a chicken that got loose in the main cabin on a US carrier.   

I have a lot of respect for people who choose to be flight attendants.   And I know they are human, and have seen both awesome, and terrible examples of service.   

I also know exactly what to do in either case.  Making sure that great performance is rewarded, and bad experiences are reported so that something can be done about it.   Believe me, they DO things about it.  

Hmm... I think it really depends on the flight attendants on each flight. I've been on plenty of +United flights wearing Glass and have never been asked to take it off. In fact, some flight attendants were really interested in it and I gave them demos.
I fly a lot as well(about a quarter that) and know by the book it isn't every but I have seen it reduced to that. The unreasonable ones get settled and apologized for afterwards but by that time the person has missed their meeting, poss lost a job, etc. If they consult the captain, the passenger is often not allowed to plead their case so it can be a one sided mess. Having worked in reservations at a major airline, doing some airport roles, working with former flight attendants and being on duty during the summer where 4 hurricanes hit Florida, I can sympathize with the rigors of the job. That work informs my POV. I'm not working off pure speculation.

If there is anything I've learned from Flyertalk, it is that urine will always find a way to seep through blankets.
I'm concerned for my safety if there is something you don't want me photographing or recording.
I really need to get a mount so my mobile phone can sit on my face. That way when I'm asked to take glass off I'll just bust out the head mount and be like sup?
I call this harassment. Just because we use technology which to some people is associated with “Bad Press” should not give them the right to discriminate against us
Surprised. I only fly United when going to the west coast, and the flight attendants have usually just asked to try my Glass on and get a picture of themselves wearing it.
I have never been asked to remove my Glass when flying. In fact, +Nathan Russak and I were once offered preferential boarding by United, because we wearing Glass. The TSA has even been positive.
Same with me +Det Ansinnso I asked if it was a United policy and she said it was in the magazine. Another part explains more 
+Cecilia Abadie next time that happens, you tell them to pull the page that states no Google Glass should be worn on a plane. If they cannot produce then you put those +Google Glass back on!
I travel exclusively with United for domestic flights, and for all the times I wear Glass, I never had any problems. A few told me Glass is cool, some asked me what it is, but nobody ever told me to take it off. I think you just got a crappy flight attendant, +Cecilia Abadie 

Don't get me wrong though, +United is still a crappy airline. Some of their decisions baffles me. They keep taking all the good things out from their mileage programs. I'm currently in the process of finding other airlines that can match my status.

Oh and I would be very surprised if they respond to any of these mentions. They never did to my posts whether they're complaints or praises.
+Virgin America would have brought you to first class. 

The difference of an airline heading with the times, and one moving backwards. 
+Rob Aymett you're correct it only yields one notification but if they are doing any heatmaps or analytics on the number of times their names appear -- maybe that would spawn a comment from them
I've never seen an airline make as many bad decisions consistently as +United has. In my previous professional career I was a serious traveller (110+ flights per year). The only thing I had my corporate travel folks put on my profile was "NO FLIGHTS ON +United".
I hope they make this right and get their head out of their collective ass.
+Noble Ackerson I am totally stealing #Glasscrimination! Great term!
That is absurd. I hate ignorant idiots.
I came back to SoCal from Google IO 2012 with United.  The flight started running late, and united employees sat behind a wall, behind the check-in desk.  The were laughing and having a blast, while our flight ran 4 hours late.  None of them properly informed us about what was going on, and every time they tried to say something, it was a cover up to save themselves from the previous lie.

That was the day that I decided NEVER to fly United ever again.  And now this!  The coffin is now sealed airtight.
Holy crap +Cecilia Abadie.. What is wrong with these companies or groups that make them so afraid of Glass? I plan on getting my Glass very soon and I actually welcome the opposition just to point out the absurdity of people's technophobia. 
The fear mongering continues. This is sad
this stuff is rediculous, I read you're the famous lady that had the Glass traffic citation-kudos to you on your victory. I wear my glass all the time when out and about with confidence (when its bootable - wink) and even use it as a HUD with a car of mine.
It always has to be someone restricting silly things...
+Esa Edvik I'm not too surprised actually... most airline personnel still think that cell phones interfere with the flight instruments. 
Ugh united sucks. I'd rather walk to my destination. 
If you can fly virgin america. They love Glass. Never asked me to take it off 
But you are welcome to take pics with a regular camera
Thats just absurd. 
It's you! That's why! LOL The Glass woman! Get her!!
I know they have broad prohibitions against audio/video recording/streaming, but how would they respond to an artist that draws a photorealistic image of one of the flight attendants without their express permission? Where do we draw the line (heh)?
I wore mine to Alaska and Delta! They didn't care. United wtf?!!!
+J Schippnick you'll find that in an entire year there's only a small bunch of people that opposes it so you should be good, it's just that when they do it's or of fear and misinformation generally... 
Sorry +Eric Wingrove just getting back to this thread. It was SAN-SFO US 1532 just in case you can find something out. It would be nice to know so next time we all know as this really seems like an isolated case... 
People are always afraid of something new. Sadly few people use their brain, and never see an issue with not doing so.
God damn, people piss me off. Luckily, I wore Glass on two flights and no one told me to take them off. It's ironic how one airline is using it to their advantage, while others are dismissing it. I hate that they did that. I personally would have kept mine on. They have no right to make me take them off. 
I posted from my cell in this case +Alexander Hayes I had no idea United told you to take off your #narrativeclip   ... some people twitted that they used their goPro on their chest in united no problem. This wasn't my first United flight either ... just inconsistent policies which show the problem is complex. They obviously have some privacy/security concerns and they can't forbid all electronics with cameras. In the end there's only one solution, get over it! cameras are out there everywhere and there'll be more ...
Another +United issue is that they're still following two separate operating procedures depending on whether they're formerly united or continental so inconsistency will continue for awhile. 
Now...picture this +Cecilia Abadie taking a box filled with camera enabled cell phones into a remote Indigenous Australian community and letting them loose with images taken streaming back to a UK server - - the analogy here is that although I risked life and limb the images were going into the same servers that contributed to pinning down the terrorists in London- - your case, #glass  has become synonymous with personal and community safety, with civil rights, with transparent autonomy...much like +Steve Mann , Father of #glass  as claimed.
I believe Glass is at the heart of the privacy/publicly/transparency discussion and I think it's a great discussion to have so we move as society like we've done many other times before from fear to hope and possibilities.
Yea United! Because the safety & comfort of ALL passengers is so important, they ask you to observe a rule for a change. The author's only seeking some kind of continued freakish publicity all over the internet. All of it is in her self-involved head.
+Emily Clinton if you want to be right I have nothing to say to you. If you want to debate and understand deeper the issues that new technology pose then I'm happy to talk about it. All I did is share with my friends how the rule about not taking pics was applied to one camera and not the other. 
No, I don't need to say anything else. You're doing a great job on your own. Keep the words coming, sista!
+Emily Clinton I don't understand your argument. This situation shows me that United doesn't understand security and that really scares me. Google Glass is basically a dead devices when in airplane mode (no data connection), so it's nothing more than a camera. Everyone else on the plane also has cameras on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and even pens and watches. In fact, last time I was in the airport I saw a "spy HD video camera pen" on sale at the Brookstone in the terminal.

United must be watching too much Mission Impossible or Ocean's 11. Do they really think people are infiltrating their planes after getting through TSA Security by streaming video from Google Glass? And if that really is the case, why would the people not use an iPhone which is much less conspicuous? 
It's BECAUSE of security that this happened. GG is brand new - until we know more, we have to respect each other a little more- because NO ONE knows how to deal with it yet. You're a brand new user in people's faces all the time. You're loud about it, hostile as hell & a self-centered brat. You intentionally cause discomfort wherever you go & that's NOT ok. 
+Emily Clinton actually I've had Glass for about a year. It's not really new and I know a lot about it. If you have any questions I'd be happy to answer them for you.

I'm a loud person normally, but I disagree with the hostile part. I'm actually pretty peaceful. I have never been called a self-centered brat by someone I didn't know; I'm not quite sure why you resorted to name calling in a public forum with a person you have never met and have never spoken to before.
Yeah - you might just look out a window and inadvertently catch the baggage handlers playing football with someone's expensive guitar 
The really funny thing about this is I wasn't planning to take any pictures and the only pics I usually take in planes are pics of the clouds, like my profile background, never get tired of clouds formations but I didn't get window seat that time.
#trolls too are humans. Our role is to engage in the critical conversation not the crass one.
I'm sorry... ^^^ this is just too friggin' hilarious with that profile photo. lol! Is that you wearing an imaginary Glass talking smack about real Glass?

+Steven Mautone there is no point in arguing with someone who went to school with smurfs, and ate their mushrooms. He is obviously high on it.
+Robert Trance Cameras will become pervasive ubiquitous smaller and probably nearly invisible and nobody will be able to stop that, we live in a capitalist world and market will push things in that direction with or without us, they already kind of are. What is the fear of the potential to get pictures taken of you? What would I do with your pics? what would I want them for? what are you afraid of? I assume when I'm on public eye everybody can see me and they can talk about it and they can take pics if I'm doing something stupid, but under normal circumstances nobody cares to take pics of me, cameras have been out forever and there are no issues with pics being taken that I'm worried about. The pictures that really scare me are the pics my friends post where maybe I show some extra pounds I'd love to get rid of, but it's reality, I choose to try and change my body rather than control my friends postings ... I honestly don't understand what real problem that happened to real people we're talking about with cameras proliferating as they will ...
What a wealth of insight - have added it to the paper "#throughglass: Subjectivity, Objectivity and Social Transparency" that I'm co-authoring through INSPIRE Centre +Robert Fitzgerald +Matt Bacon 
Unreal. There is no real privacy anymore with all the smartphones out there. What diffrence does it make that she had on her Google Glasses. What exactly are the Airlines afraid of, showing bad service!
This is a flux space +Steven Mautone - not even the Senate has the answers society is seeking. Attendants follow procedure and they themselves are subject. The heat will dissipate.
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