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congratulations and thank you very much Cecilia

+Cecilia Abadie did the judge say you are allowed to drive with Glass or was it something else that had the case thrown out?
Steve A
Fantastic! Great to hear can't wait all the details.
Congratulations Cecelia. This is fantastic. You are such a wonderful human being and oh so glad you have stood up for yourself and for all GLASS Explorers.... 
Cool! What kind of precedent does this set?
Congratulations, Cecilia!  I'm sure you're glad to leave the drama behind.  We are truly grateful to you for handling the whole situation so well - you were a great representative for all Glass Explorers.
I know the defense team wanted to win, so they based their case on the fact that the police officer was unable to prove that the device was on. At least according to the article. So that still leaves the matter of whether or not using Google Glass is a distraction while driving.
Still, very glad it worked out this way, of course :-)
Victory is ours! Thanks for taking this one for the team +Cecilia Abadie :) Congrats that all of this bullshit is behind you and that common sense prevailed.
Congrats! A small step in a new world.
Now you can break out that t-shirt for your celebration!
Congratulations! Good news. 
Congrats +Cecilia Abadie ! Must be a relief it's finally all over now. Glad it worked out in your favor! :D
It's not going to set a precedent per se -- the law didn't cover this, so it was a technicality. Thank goodness the judge saw this. What it will do perhaps is open the door for lawmakers to craft laws to ensnare +Google Glass in the future, so there won't be a technicality. There's no rest after this.

The cop saw screen and went with what he saw, thank goodness he didn't include some other statute that covered mobile devices. They won't make that mistake again.
Hope you paid your speeding can't blame 20mph over the speed limit on Glass. 

The honest and noble thing to do would be to pay for the crime you actually committed. But what do I know...ethics and all. 
Uh....... not something I'd be proud of dude. 
+Cassius Wright i was calling you a troll. I honestly think she should be paying for her speeding ticket. 
+Cassius Wright replying to my dismay that she got away with breaking a real law with "well gotta do it to keep up in traffic" is the definition of trolling bud. I'm not saying you do it all the time, I'm saying you did it there.
+Cassius Wright ? Hmm, I guess that's why all comedians want to go work in California. You people laugh at everything. Including speeding tickets I guess. Anyway, glad the Glass part got overturned, disappointed the speeding ticket did too. Have a good night bud.
Lol this is the best yet! I'm from Chicago dude.  people disagreeing isn't trolling, its disagreeing.
Now, Making somebody else's victory about your beliefs on their thread? 
+Cassius Wright my beliefs? You do realize that speeding is illegal in the entire united states right? Like it's an actual law people follow and when they break it, they pay fines.

For someone with 60k followers, you sure are one hell of a nut job. Must be a photographer. You people are all ego and no brains. 
Hahahahahaha and I'm a troll?. I thought you were going to bed, didn't you say goodnight?
Yap yap yap hipster photographer nonsense yap yap yap. 
Lol dude your comments are made exclusively of win. Thanks so much for lightening up my commute
Normally my commute is so boring +Bryan Foster. This is just epic for free entertainment. Even for a photographer with ego and no brains lol. Btw dude! Happy New year! How's the fam?
Way to go Girl!  Thanks for standing up for the team, and great job winning!
Excellent outcome. . I'm going to keep the head tilt feature off just to make sure Glass never turns on while driving.. just to be safe.. 
+Jeremy Reger I find that part especially chilling. I mean, cops are equipped with radar equipment for that very purpose and the readings from those devices certainly are admissible in court. This says to me that even that accusation was unsubstantiated and the officer is not following proper protocol. What other areas is he negligent in his duties?
as fellow explorer, I would like to congratulate +Cecilia Abadie for first initial step. At least we learned, how do we have to answer to CHP officer, in regards to Google Glass, if we been stopped for any reason.
You have done ALL Glass explorers a FAVOUR! Thank you!
Thanks for going through the process, Cecilia. It couldn't have been pleasant to be the test case to build this precedent, but the value to other Explorers, and the future of wearable computing is immeasurably great.
Sounds very exciting and awesome, and congratulations +Cecilia Abadie very excited for you! But for those of us who came late to the party, can someone please tag me and tell me the basics here. What was the original case? What were you accused of? What did wearing glass have to do with getting found not guilty? "Storytelling, people...." beginning, middle and end please? 
Congrats. I figured you would win with the safe guards that are built in.
+Evan Kopelson, seems pretty simple.

She was speeding and got pulled over. The officer noticed she was wearing Glass, so cited her for having a TV monitor in view as well as speeding. She went to court and both charges were dismissed for lack of evidence... in the case of speeding lack of evidence that she was speeding, in the case of having a TV monitor in view, for lack of evidence that it was turned on.

As has been mentioned by another commenter, this does not set any sort of legal precedent, though it may bode well for future cases.
+Shawn Willden That's the thing I don't get. The officer clearly told her she was going 80+, yet he didn't have any evidence? Was he bullshitting her? Did his radar gun glitch out or something? 
+Mike Trieu, there could have been all sorts of minor technical defects with his evidence, stuff that he didn't log correctly, or calibration that he didn't do.
This is historic!! So happy for you and us as humans!!
parties rest and the rest party
A big step for you american glass explorers 
on the fence on whether it should be legal or not to drive while wearing #googleglass BUT apps like this could come in handy for people who travel long distances or even truckers!
Congratulations! I'm very happy for you and for all current and future glass users. Thank you for having the courage and determination in taking this all the way to court.
+Cecilia Abadie, next should be to try to get the DMV to update your driver's licence with wearing Google Glass for the photo!
Among other things - The verdict will also add to chipping away at the courtroom credibility of the officer that issued the complaint.

The system that issues complaints, relies primarily on people paying the fines etc. because doing otherwise is an inconvenience... I.E. - It is just just easier to shut up and give us your money

+Cecilia Abadie f I may ask, what did this battle set you back?

Time wise and $$$ ? (As this unfolded, I assumed that at least one entity was happy to cover the financial aspect of the fight - If only to help set some precedent related to the technology)
+Rich LaDuca I agree that any officer will think it twice before giving a ticket to someone just for wearing Google Glass.
I've been through worst situations in my life and I learn what I need to learn and I stay with all the positives from any new experience, starting with any new experience on itself is positive for me. 
+William Concidine and my awesome lawyers firm were helping me pro bono which speaks loads about them.
+Cecilia Abadie honestly, thank you for paving the way for us. In someways it would have been easier to just "pay the ticket," but since you took the time to stand up, not only are future Glass users somewhat protected from getting a ticket, but the fear of Glass has been somewhat de-legitimized. 
Sonia M
+Cecilia Abadie Hi Cecilia, could I use this and one more picture of yours to my final paper about Google Glass?
+Sonia M I hope the paper if informative and not just written to bash and discredit glass and it's users as that would be mean
Sonia M
+Andres Reano I'm writing about chances and risks of wearable devices with the example of GG. 
+Sonia M seems cool! Could I read it when you're done I think of reports like documentaries.
Sonia M
 unfortunately it will be in german :( if you understand it, there is no problem!
+Sonia M lol kk I feel bad I'm in Germany and know no German only some phrases
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