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Yes, we survived The Daily Show tonight! 

Many people are wondering why did we even go. Of course it was a risk that they'd laugh at Glass in the wrong way, and that they would use us to miss-inform versus informing the public. I can just give my personal vision of why I did it. The Daily Show Glass episode would have happened with or without me, I was invited and knew there was a risk, and decided to take it. 

For one, I took it on the hope that I could do anything to change the outcome for the better. 

Secondly, my life is not dictated by outcomes, my life is dictated by what I learn and who I become. The more things I experience, specially if they are outside of my comfort zone, the more bonus points I get in this game of life. I don't care to collect all the coins, in this game, I collect all the experiences and the learning that comes with them.

Sorry if I disappointed some people, specially my fellow Explorers, if life is measured by intentions, the intentions were the best.

selfie by +Nick Starr 
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Please post a link when it's available on the internet. Thanks!
Very curious to see the episode now. Hopefully it will be up soon. This is what you get for not having cable..
Lol I think someone mentioned it will be on Hulu tomorrow or something.

Although hangout from your TV might be more awesome since I can get live commentary +Cecilia Abadie  :D
Seriously awesome of you to keep putting yourself out there, +Cecilia Abadie.  Even under the circumstances, you were willing to take the risk to support your passion.  I hope one day to have your courage.
+Cecilia Abadie it was a funny interview :).  I was thoroughly entertained.  It could've been a lot worse, and I think you held your own for sure :D
Thanks my friend +Libby Chang, and I do know it could have been a lot worse. We could tell half way the recording they liked us, felt bad, and started to go easier on us than they originally planned.
+Cecilia Abadie that's so true. They could have torn us apart, but we continued to support Glass. Over 4 hours they got the sounds bytes they wanted, but I think they also understood our perspective at least a little.
It was a lot of fun and while some of the clips were out of context, we knew that was going to happen going into it. I had fun and made some friends. #GlassFamily  
+Cecilia Abadie I'd heard about this and wondered why.  Then I saw it and I felt better about it.  You really did hold your own.  Yes, they obviously edited in all kinds of stuff to make it look silly.  I am glad that they had to since they didn't really get that material from you all.

What you said about them doing it one way or another.  You are correct and there are Glass Explorers out there that might not have held their own as well as you.

No apologies necessary!  You did well!
you all were great! Loved the show
You guys did great! And I love the Daily Show. :) I see they did keep some of the good points you made about "why glass" in the clip. Good work, +glassexplorer s!
Good or bad, publicity is publicity. Intelligent people will research facts themselves.
We had some really good answers for some of those questions, none of them made it. I didn't expect them to, but we looked a lot less dumb during the real interview. =)
I have not watched it But recorded it. +Cecilia Abadie there is no way I doubted you were the right person for this. +Nick Starr glad they choose you too. You are a GLASSkight in so many ways. 
I want hear all the details +Cecilia Abadie. That sounds like a fun time! (I don't have cable either, but do have Hulu).
I watched that episode this morning on demand.And it went the way I thought it would go. 
Many great things in history started out with controversy and poking fun at Glass is part of the evolution.    I'm a big fan of the Daily Show and I wouldn't have expected anything less from them.   ;-)
that was GREAT ... loved it, nice work everyone ;)
SWEET someone screenshot me looking up... I wanted that pic lol. Thanks ... PS. I should adjust the "On" angle or I'm going to have a really bad neck one day lol.
+Nick Starr for now... bit I'm hoping they make Glance work for everything rather than just notifications.
Yeah I wish we can do the glance for everything, and not just new notifications. I think moving away from the head nod is the right approach to make Glass more 'human'. I disabled it right away after confirming the glance works quite well.
+Cecilia Abadie Correct. They weren't going to let me in unless I stored them in a bag. I didn't have mine with me. Luckily NY basecamp helped last minute! 
watching TDS last night, I was like WTF? that's +Steven Mautone !! and +Cecilia Abadie ?! it's funny that they shot at Jane Coffee shop... and a little clip of  a playground in the tenderloin.
The part where Jason trips on the sign, even when not very realistic, made me laugh so hard, my girls also loved that part +Marc Goubert.
It was fun to see you all on the show, I think it's great for the discussion... an important milestone into public acceptance.

They basically described the situation well:
people don't understand why we need more interfaces (and we don't really need them) we want them for various reasons.

Not everyone adopts tech so quickly, (For example, only 56% of adult Americans own smartphones today)

A few years ago you might have been mocked for using Google search to resolve an argument - I ran into that several times myself - some people like to hold on to their beliefs even if they're not true and they don't go exploring or try new stuff out.

Also, what he said about "Explorers" was funny.. we are exploring new territory but you might agree that Ferdinand Magellan and the likes were different explorers altogether
Glad to see you were there. It made me feel better because I know you are great at explaining why Glass is so awesome.
I completely agree about taking risks and learning from them. Otherwise, how do we grow?
I just watched it online and I think they really struggled to bring the comedy in the interview panel room. You guys were stoic/determined.

I can't help thinking how incredibly stupid any journo or comedian who mocks GLASS now (as a product or concept) will look when it's mainstream. Who would ever again listen to the opinion and predictions of someone who swore black and blue this wouldn't take off.

In 1991, my father gave me his mobile phone to take to Saturday sport so I could call him when it was done. At one point it rang and everyone's jaws dropped. I turned crimson with embarrassment and almost broke the brick in my bag trying to turn it off. Of course, back then, the equivalent of a 'Glasshole' was a 'Yuppie'. Well, we're all yuppies now....
Thanks +Luis de la Rosa
Spot on +David Francis, at the end of the interview I looked him in the eyes and told him that they were doing a crappy job informing and asked him who would be the douche in 10 years ... it was funny!
I'm so sorry +Keith Achorn I didn't completely ignore your comment, I just completely missed it ... thanks for your support as always!!!!
I think you all did great, it was a great piece of TV. 
Glad you did it. I got to tell everyone I knew the woman sitting in the front row!
+Cecilia Abadie you and everyone else were great. It's a comedy show and simply put, is what it is. We all know things are edited and taken out of context so two thumbs up from this very proud So Cal Glass Explorer :-)
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