Yes, we survived The Daily Show tonight! 

Many people are wondering why did we even go. Of course it was a risk that they'd laugh at Glass in the wrong way, and that they would use us to miss-inform versus informing the public. I can just give my personal vision of why I did it. The Daily Show Glass episode would have happened with or without me, I was invited and knew there was a risk, and decided to take it. 

For one, I took it on the hope that I could do anything to change the outcome for the better. 

Secondly, my life is not dictated by outcomes, my life is dictated by what I learn and who I become. The more things I experience, specially if they are outside of my comfort zone, the more bonus points I get in this game of life. I don't care to collect all the coins, in this game, I collect all the experiences and the learning that comes with them.

Sorry if I disappointed some people, specially my fellow Explorers, if life is measured by intentions, the intentions were the best.

selfie by +Nick Starr 
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