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I tried to use the "restrict sign-in to the following users" option, but when I enter the email, it removes the dot in the email, making it invalid. How is adding accounts supposed to work?

Has anyone tried to use the Keepass App on one of the new CBs with Playstore support? Work ok?

For those with the Google Play support, how does Microsoft's Word/Excel apps work? Can they persist documents locally? Or is OneDrive required?

Just thinking of how replace my dual-boot Ubuntu/Win10 laptop with a Chromebook.
- I do some programming, so I need real Linux occasionally
- I have to create/edit real Word/Excel formatted documents sometimes

Anyone with experience to share on these two use cases?

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But why?

Light-based pain relief goes green

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Amazing developments... Particles that are one third of an electron?? Like quarks are to protons. It's there a Trinity theme here 😉?

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A meta material that can bend, shape, and focus sound waves

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The end of humanity and how that relates to Disney's inside out...

Definitely doesn't understand Christianity, lumping it with all the works based religions. By offering a grace based way, there is a robust option to this dystopian vision

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Delivering RCS messaging to Android users worldwide

Uh, where is Hangouts support? Doesn't work on my tablet!?

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How cool is this!!!

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Way over my head, but fascinating read
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