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I wish there was a '0' choice for ratings on DTRPG.

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recent work snip snap mega dump. these are all from the recent re-release of the freeport books under the SotDL system. all maps on 98# paper using watercolor, ink, alcohol based markers, fake blood, coffee, tea, and the way i do my water:

Koi water color pens are real nice, but there is some magical science process where you can lift the blues out of the black ink. i color some solid black with the pen on a spare sheet of 98# paper, then wet my brush and use the black paint as a palette. getting the black ink wet brings the blue out and then i use it to paint on the map. here is the strange thing: i tried this process using different paper and i couldn't get it to work. i did my black smear on some 65# cardstock but couldn't lift the blue out of it. It just moved the black around, but no blue ink stuck to my brush. it's weird, and I wish i could explain it.
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Always share Wormskin

+Greg Gorgonmilk is there going to be a Wormskin Omnibus ever? Asking for a friend. And myself.

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+Tim Shorts this is what 72 color pencils look like in black and white on drugs with bacon.

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so i been workin' on this map for mike shea, and then i had a mishap with my glasses and now i am getting close to being done with it, but goddamn trees. goddamn.

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recent D I Y R P G things I've gotten. +Sam Mameli +Daniel Sell +Jacob Hurst

(also included: DNLUDITDNOTCW proof, POD version coming soon)

Everyone: "Your game 'Do Not Let Us Die In The Dark Night Of This Cold Winter' has a title that is too. fucking. long.
Me: "HG Wells wrote a game called 'Little Wars: A Game for Boys From Twelve Years of Age to One Hundred and Fifty and For That More Intelligent Sort of Girl Who Likes Boys' Games and Books' and it's not too fucking long enough.

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+Sam Mameli's excellent Better Legends Illustrated Equipment Packs are over at DTRPG. I just picked it up, printed it (without the 2nd page, sorry Sam but it made the thing one page too long) on cardstock, trimmed it, and stapled it zine style. I fucking love stuff like this, things you can just have at the ready to show players or to use as drop tables for looting up bodies. It also looks great next to +Sam Bosma's Inventory v.1.

Sam's thing is here:

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Anyone else already superfucking tired of people complaining about the cost of D&D Beyond?
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