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CDMS software Point of Sale application prevents the sales personnel and your CUSTOMERS from seeing your Product costs, commissions, and use Tax. Our Point of Sale application also prevents the Sales Personnel from changing the costs on the order, preventing time consuming cost corrections. For any order that needs a cost correction, the Orders can be accessed through a Back Room Order/Invoice Maintenance Application which you can restrict access to only a few company personnel. CDMS, just designed better.

CDMS is having a full Natural Gas powered Generator installed this week, 2/22/2018, to assure that we are available to assist you regardless the weather or power conditions.

CDMS supports our customers in a manner that is not matched by any other Flooring Specific Software Package. We know this because we have asked Flooring Dealers around the country. From implementing our software to followup training, CDMS handles it all better than anyone.

CDMS office will be closed December 25-26 for the Holiday. We will resume our normal business hours December 27 at 9:30 am ET. Wishing everyone a joyous Holiday season with your family and friends. Thank you.

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I found a link that will help explain to all of you how wide spread the KRACK Attack Hack with the Wi-FI WPA and WPA2 really is.
This hack happens when you are initially connecting to a wi-fi network. All routers, and any device that connects to the internet via a wi-fi connection, including your phones, iphone and android devices will need to be patched. For those of you that bought routers and access points from retail stores, you will need to contact them and the manufacturer of your units and ask them about how the firmware can be updated on these, if at all.

The link below will show you just how wide spread this is.

Did you know that CDMS allows you to have a separate Accounts Receivable account by store/profit center. This feature allows you to track your Accounts Receivable by store/profit center on your financial statements. CDMS allows the system to be setup in such a way that a separate Balance Sheet as well as Income Statement can be processed by store/profit center. Each and every General Ledger account that CDMS automatically posts to in the software can be setup to post by store/profit center. Most of the other flooring software companies do not allow this.
CDMS just designed better....

CDMS allows you to have multiple Accounts Payable Accounts. This allows you to track separately things like Labor Payable, Notes payable, and Regular payables where you pay some electronically and some on check. You can even create a separate Accounts Payable account per store if you choose. Allowing you to create different Accounts Payable accounts allows more control over your system, and an easier time for your staff to track, and eliminate mistakes. Most of the other Flooring Software companies, do not allow you to have multiple accounts payable accounts.
CDMS just designed better.....

Not all Flooring Software Cloud providers are the same. CDMS works with SCO CLOUD that has 4 major Data centers spread across the United States, including Las Vegas, NV, Hawthorne, NY, Grand Rapids, MI, and Baltimore, MD. This diversification means that your data is constantly moved to one of the other data centers in the event of any sort of problem, to prevent down time. SCO CLOUD also provides and stores 12 days worth of backups, all included in their pricing. They will also host a Windows, Linux, or Unix operating system environment. Why would you chance running your operation on a single self built data center without the redundancies in place. Call CDMS for more information 888-848-2367.

Many of the Flooring Industry Specific Software companies are focused solely on sales and not making sure the customer is kept happy after they have your money. CDMS is a support driven software company. This means that we take care of our customers long after the sale, assisting you until all of your questions are resolved, not limiting the support phone calls to 20-minutes or telling you that there are other customers that are more important than you. CDMS has focused on Support throughout its history. Always have, and will continue to do so.

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