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Multidisciplinar (antiga humanista ☺) #Soudessas
Multidisciplinar (antiga humanista ☺) #Soudessas


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i hate to write about
it makes a woman
sound needy
but desiring affection
is a natural part
of the human condition
~ RC deWinter

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Sempre a favor dos fluxos de Amor🎶🎶🎶

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I'm rooting for Marie Howe, because she picked my haiku for publication in the New York Times.

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You made me promise.

You made promise me
a piece of message,
To let you know,
how I am,over here,

Promised to meet again,
Was that, no
Misunderstood, without
bulish, a lot was there

Promised me, i write
with care, from grove
Of new born juxtapose,
Enough was to hear.

Nest in, twittered some how,
I write with care, to my loving,
Dear, mounted high
A painted bird, humming
Listened you from milion

Miles apart, trembled your
Gray hair, bit unconscious.

A copyright of © Kanta Roy,

Shared on 17.9.2017.

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I am so pleased to have a poem, author interview and photo appearing in the inaugural issue of borrowed solace, which is titled "Hinterlands." You can view some sample pages by clicking the link. The journal is a beautifully-produced, 172-page PDF. My poem is titled big night out but not included the sample. You can read it below.

big night out

bits & pieces
of me slough off
every day
slivers of sanity
flecks of hope
scraps of intellect
i sweep them up & save them
for a rainy day

whispers of old songs
halfforgotten words
melodies fading
into midnight blue
surround me as i walk
into a night more fall
than summer

blue riffs & ice cubes
swirls of smoke summoned
from memory
men once long and lean
and women like me
still pretending pretty
big night out

© 2013 RC deWinter ~ All Rights Reserved
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