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Amazon Echo's new wake word is a gift to Trekkies - CNET

Make it so, Alexa!
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Take a look at some of the amazing gadgets lined up for future release!
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Just Some of the Cool Gadgets We Spotted at CES 2017

Watch a video compilation of some interesting and fun gadgets we saw at CES. The post Just Some of the Cool Gadgets We Spotted at CES 2017 appeared first on WIRED.
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Google for Android gets new feature to deal with inconsistent internet connections

As more of the world’s population comes online for the first time, so Google is focusing on making the web and its services more accessible. That means smaller sized apps for budget devices with limited space, and offline support to help deal with intermittent, spotty or weak internet connections. Read More
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Zuckerberg testifies in $2 billion lawsuit that Oculus did not steal core VR tech

Zuckerberg was forced to leave his signature gray t-shirt at home today and suit up for court. The Facebook CEO was called to the stand in a Dallas courtroom today to testify in an explosive $2 billion lawsuit which claims that Oculus Inc. (which FB acquired in March of 2014) was built upon technology stolen from Zenimax Media. The lawsuit is structured around dissecting the help… Read More
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The UK now has a #law to log #web users’ browsing behavior, #hack devices and limit #encryption

What you do you think of what has been described as the most extreme #surveillance legislation every passed in a #democracy?
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5 star Yelp review of our business
Ana G.
Round Rock, TX
54 friends
11 reviews
5.0 star rating 11/23/2016
We Use CBIS for our company Kay-Car Rentals and let me tell you the customer Service that David Gives us and of course all of their employees is the best!!! They are very helpful, always answering any of our questions and over all always helping us on our social media related stuff. The program that they use to help you boost your business it's great and saves you a lot of time!. Instead of having to log on on all of your social media accounts one by one, you can just log on to your CBIS account and manage everything from there at once! I just love it!!! Sincerely Thank you for all your continuously help!!!
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Cancer News: Featuring our client Dr. Javadi "Men With early Stage of Prostate Cancer May Not Need Surgery". "like"
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You Don’t Have To Be A Programmer To Build A Great Website!

Many technologies work together to deliver an attractive website that delivers desirable functionality along with an intuitive and pleasant user experience. It can be daunting when one embarks on building a website and they are told that you have to learn combinations of technologies such as HTML, PHP, MySQL, ASP, various versions of Java Script, Ruby on Rails, and the list goes on... So how on earth can the lay person create an attractive website without becoming a computer geek? My favorite answer to this question is WordPress!

WordPress is a free open source framework that allows non-programmers to develop great websites using templates to create themed websites without requiring any coding. This allows the website builder to focus on the content of their message rather than on the technology to build the site. Themed sites are designed to be responsive so that they look good on all devices.

Some pointers to creating a great website:

1. Use a consistent theme throughout the website;

2. Use clear readable and consistent font styles and colors throughout the website;

3. Avoid colorful backgrounds which make your text hard to read

4. Prominently display your contact information;

5. Your content should be succinct - avoid verbosity;

6. Create a fresh and appealing blend of graphics, logos, pictures, video and text – avoid clutter;

7. If you are going to include a Blog, maintain it or leave it out;

8. Ask friends for feedback to ensure that your website reflects the personality you desire.

You can get a lot done by doing it yourself, but there are times when your requirements may exceed what can be done without professional intervention.

Contact CBIS for professional web development services.
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Online Marketing Just Got A New Face Lift With CBIS Online Marketing Solution!

• Social media Marketing
• Lead Generation
• Brand Analytics
• Website development and management
• Location Management
• Search Engine Optimization
• Reputation Management

Let CBIS help you to connect with your clientele across all digital media. Let’s talk or 1-877-224-7207
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