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Woohoo! Gigabit fiber is coming to the Horstmann residence, thanks to Sonic. And it's the same price as crummy DSL! And the installers did an unbelievably awesome job routing the fiber into my wiring closet!!!

I had switched to Sonic years ago even though their DSL was a little pricier than AT&T because it meant no longer having to talk to the outsourced AT&T tech support who, after wasting my time for hours without resolving my problems, invariably asked "Have I provided you with excellent service today?" 

Now, with fiber speed at DSL prices, it's a no brainer. If you live in or around SF, check out their coverage area and see if you are in!
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What's this wire mesh in the sky ? That's early 20s century... :P
Nice ! I tried once to bring a fiber provider to where we live in SF and Comcast signed an exclusive contract with the management so no other provider can be used. Pretty lame ...
+Stephan Goldenberg Actually, that crazy wire mesh in the sky is why Sonic is starting their rollout here. It's much cheaper to add wires to utility poles than to underground conduits.
Way easier to fix after a major earthquake too I would guess ;)
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