A Unified Approach Can Help You Get the Most from Your Data

Duncan Ross, Director of Data Science, Teradata International, says that with big data, the role of analytics is "shifting toward becoming the driving force for innovation". He encourages a "unified approach, using traditional data warehouse for structured data and Hadoop for unstructured data." He argues that "utilizing the strengths of each data analysis environment" can allow the organisation to "support its users as a whole and drive innovation". He points to eBay as an example:

"In balancing these data requirements, online auction giant eBay has opted to created separate analytic environments. On the business side, its enterprise data warehouse (EDW) contains structured data such as orders, shipments, listings, bids, payments and customer records. The whole organization can connect to the EDW via SQL and use it for essential day-to-day business queries.

"As well as running a relational database, eBay also uses Hadoop for more complex, longer-term analytics, such as the impact of specific changes to a particular image. However, this experimentation is being done by just a handful of users, compared with the thousands of eBay employees who use its EDW."

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