How to make an IT merger work

Quite a few helpful tips in this one.

"There is no one-size-fits-all integration solution," says Digby [Chris Digby, partner in consulting at Deloitte]. "It depends where each IT department is in its refresh/investment cycle; what business model each is supporting and whether that is going to change post-merger; what new IT capability is required for the new company; and so on."
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"When it comes to integrating two corporate IT functions there are several options available, from the acquiring company migrating the acquired company's IT across to its own platform, or vice versa, to outsourcing the whole lot, to cherry-picking the best systems from both companies."
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There are some great insights on the IT merger process  by Jane Kimberlin, IT director at Spirit Group, one of the UK's largest managed pub operators, achieved when Spirit acquired Scottish and Newcastle Retail (SNR).

"Usually IT M&A integration is a case of 'We'll do IT your way or our way', but we went for the mix-and-match method: the most challenging and scary," says Kimberlin.
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"You must pick your teams fast. Take away or try to minimise their worries about their post-merger jobs and they will jump through hoops for you. But anyone who is anti the new set-up needs to go as soon as possible."

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