On Achieving Merger Excellence

Hill and Weiner (consultants) share their Seven Steps To Merger Excellence. They remind us that a "cascading communications strategy" is needed from day one to help the two cultures align and to prevent emotional disengagement. They warn, "When employees become disengaged, it does not take long for customers and distributors to lose brand loyalty and begin to look elsewhere to buy products." They suggest that collaboration and storytelling around a new corporate identity and shared vision can fuse the best aspects of both cultures.

They point out that mergers and acquisitions often create "winners and losers" throughout the organisation. Some employees may unseat others, causing battle lines to be drawn as each struggles to answer,  Where do I fit?  Day-to-day decision making can grind to a halt amidst such confusion. The core takeaway is that  seamless M&A calls for engagement around a shared vision that  is created in collaboration between the C-Level executive team and those teams involved in implementation. 

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