The Data Scientist is the New Product Manager
Researcher Gil Press is Managing Partner of gPress. 12.july.12

 Mingsheng Hong, Chief Data Scientist at Hadapt:
"Mingsheng’s assertion [is] that the data scientist is the new product manager. 'Data scientists are taking a data-driven position to make the product better,' he said. He qualified himself somewhat by saying that this is true 'especially for the platform vendors, where data scientists can help develop a product that is really easy to use.' This way, data scientists in these companies (such as Hadapt, I guess), empower not just one user at a time, but 'empower a wave of new users and companies that benefit from data science.'"
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"Good product managers have always been data-driven, bringing the voice of the market to bear on innovative ideas that are sometimes an engineering or manufacturing marvel but have no chance of market acceptance. Of course, it could also be the other way around—that great breakthroughs are shot down because of 'gut feelings' or biased use of market data. So having data scientists as some or all of your product managers may help make product-related decision-making more rigorous than it is currently practiced in your company."

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