Charity 2.0 puts users as force behind social change
(14 Jan 2011)

"In an e-mail interview with ZDNet Asia, Paull Young, director of digital engagement at Charity Water, said that social media is 'all about people more so than technology'. The New York-based nonprofit organization raises money to build wells to provide clean drinking water in developing nations."

"Therefore, charities need to shift from being in 'command-and-control', to using social media tools to enable their supporters to take up their message and mission and spread it to the world, he explained."

"Stressing that the donor experience is paramount, Young said a humanitarian organization must be able to come up with ways to expand the experience its donors have with Web 2.0 tools. For instance, Charity Water links fundraisers and donors to the specific water project they contributed to, with photos and GPS coordinates in Google Maps."

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