The Alice Game Jam took place during the international Computer Science Education Week between December 7th and 13th 2015. Teenagers and especially beginners had the chance to create their very first program and have fun by designing an Alice in Wonderland themed game.

During the Alice Game Jam 95 games from worldwide contributors were submitted, 43 of them were created using the free mobile application “Pocket Code”. Partners, such as the Scratch Fdn., the British Library, the NOLB project or Game City, supported this great Game Jam and helped to make this event possible.

Within a raffle finally 3 games and one participating school class, which have followed the rules and diversifiers, have been selected as winners of this Game Jam and got great prizes:

-) Crazy Run

-)Alice catches the Alice in Wonderland rabbit (

-) Concurso Alicia plantilla

Congratulations to the winners and we’re looking forward to the next coding event with Pocket Code this year!
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