Raspberry Pi now supported by Pocket Code!

Our free and open source Pocket Code app now also supports the Raspberry Pi (must be activated through the settings and works via wireless internet). This opens up many new possibilities for tinkering and IOT programming directly on one's phone, without the need for any PC, laptop, or tablet.

Since Pocket Code also supports Arduino (via Bluetooth) and NFC tags (both need to be activated via the settings), super-rapid-prototyping of hardware control and sensing via mobile apps, without the need for a larger computer, has become incredibly easy and accessible to everyone, in a huge number of human languages.

Explanations of Raspberry Pi support: http://catrob.at/RaspberryPi
Demo: http://catrob.at/RaspberryPiLEDStripe
Related videos:
* https://youtu.be/9UoarPCFj7Q (Raspberry Pi, LED stripe, and Pocket Code)
* https://youtu.be/8nuCalidgXo (Raspberry Pi with Pocket Code demo)
* https://youtu.be/h_FIv0uOdDU (NFC, Arduino, and Pocket Code)
* https://youtu.be/BHU2sgCRPtQ (Arduino, Phiro robot, and Pocket Code)
* https://youtu.be/k9enF1NCfHc (Lego Mindstorms NXT robot and Pocket Code)
Pocket Code on Google Play: http://catrob.at/pc

Please use it, and please also spread the news!
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