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First Android App creation contest with Pocket Code!

Please submit a Catrobat program which you made using Pocket Code (Google Play link: http://catrob.at/pc ) until Monday July 7, 2014, 08:59 CEST (Central European Summer Time) via http://catrob.at/contest to take part in our first Android App creation contest. 

The winning app will be converted into a real Android app and put onto Google Play under your Catrobat nickname, or your real name if you prefer so!

We will select the app based on how well it is suited to become an App on Google Play. We may chose one or several winners, or none if we find that no suitable program was submitted.  

There will be more contests in the future, where you will be able to vote for your favorite app. For this first contest, we reserve the right to select the winning program ourselves.

You must have uploaded your app via Pocket Code's upload function, as well as submitted the link on www.pocketcode.org to your program, together with your email address, to http://catrob.at/contest before the deadline in order to take part in the contest. You may submit several programs.

Note that you can update a program you have already uploaded via Pocket Code's upload function before, simply by uploading your Catrobat program without changing its name again through Pocket Code's upload function. You can update your program as often as you wish.

See https://pocketcode.org/details/817 and https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.catrobat.catroid.standalone.tictactoe_master for an example.

We look forward to your submissions and wish you good luck!

Kind Regards,
The Catrobat team
Catrobat is a visual programming language and set of creativity tools for mobile devices.
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And the winning Catrobat program is ... TADAMM TADADAMM ... Space Portal (https://pocketcode.org/details/1683 ) by Gary Green!! Congratulations to Gary!

To all of you who also submitted your Catrobat programs,  thank you very much for taking part. There will be many other Catrobat contests in the future, so please do not give up and submit your programs in one of the next contests!

We have contacted Gary and are now in the process of transforming his Catrobat program, still manually, to an Android app. We will announce it once it is online.

Congrats again to Gary!

Kind Regards,
The Catrobat Team
Thanks Wolfgang. Woo hoo! :-)))
I missed that contest. Will there be an other soon?
Yes, we hope so, once it works automatically.

@Gary, thanks for your patience. Your app should be online soon!
That's okay. I'm looking forward to it.
Thanks Wolfgang. It's great to see it on there. :-)
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