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Scratch team visits Catrobat HQ to start collaboration

Mitch Resnick, head of the Scratch team at the Lifelong Kindergarten group at MIT's Media Lab, together with two Scratch team members, Shane Clements and Champika Fernando, came to visit the Catrobat team in Austria to start collaborating on a version of Scratch for smartphones.

During the visit, Mitch gave a one hour talk on Sowing the seeds for a more creative society, with previews of the forthcoming tablet version of Scratch and on ScratchJr. Enjoy!
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That must have been very exciting for the Catrobat team. So, what does that mean for Pocket Code? Will it continue as a unique project? I've not had time to watch the full video to find out. :-)
Pocket Code and our other apps will remain separate, but parts of code and ideas will be shared.

The smartphone version of Scratch will be much closer to Scratch. We will develop it in cooperation with Mitch's team, with joint design and development. 
It sounds like a great opportunity.
Wow sounds great. So will I be able to open sb2 file on my android device?
Yes, but it is still beta. We are actively working on it now again after a long break. I hope to be able to announce more soon.
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