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Cat Pumps
World Leader in Triplex Reciprocating High-Pressure Pumps
World Leader in Triplex Reciprocating High-Pressure Pumps


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Have you been to the official Cat Pumps YouTube channel?  Check it out here:
Cat Pumps
Cat Pumps

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Check out this video to see why car wash owners everywhere trust Cat Pumps to keep their operation up and running. There is a reason why Cat Pumps is #1! 

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New Product from Cat Pumps: Model 1580 Plunger Pump
Cat Pumps adds another new pump to its industry-leading product offering: model 1580. The 1580 is a plunger pump perfectly suited for demanding applications, such as dual gun systems, water jetting, hydroexcavation and other high-pressure water uses.
Cat Pumps model 1580 performance rating of 12 gpm/45.4 lpm at 3,000 psi/207 bar makes this pump a the ideal combination of high performance, compact footprint and competitive pricing.
Cat Pumps engineers have optimized every detail to produce a pump with incredible service life. Concentric, high-density polished solid plungers provide a true wear surface that results in long life. The drive-end uses matched connecting rods and oversized bearings to provide thousands of hours of trouble-free service. The 1580 is what you expect from Cat Pumps — high quality, dependable products backed by the industry’s best customer service and support.
Typical Applications:
Water Jetting
Food Processing Cleaning
Heavy Equipment Cleaning
Multi-gun Washdown Systems
Like all Cat Pumps products, the 1580 is stock and ready to ship!

Contact or visit our website at for more information. 
Get the best—get Cat Pumps!
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Cat Pumps—the Complete High-Pressure Pump and System Supplier

> One thing that makes Cat Pumps an exceptional pump company is our systems capability. Cat Pumps has the in-house capability to design, build, and test custom pumping units, also referred to as power units. 
> Because our engineers, tech support and sales people are involved with complete power units, representatives from Cat Pumps have a deep understanding about how systems work. From upstream to downstream components, we know how pumps are applied and how components work together. 
> After all, customers do not buy just a part number. Customers buy a solution to a problem, whether it is keeping a car wash open on a sunny Sunday afternoon in Sioux City or hydroexcavating a hole in Huntsville. Customers trust Cat Pumps to stay on the job, day-after-day. It is a challenge we live up to with every pump—and system—we build. 
> Take a look at some of the power unit systems we have designed and built. We are proud of our work!  How can we help you or your customers? Let us know at 

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Cat Pumps gets a Nice Shout-Out from Yamaha

Cat Pumps is the leading high-pressure pump supplier to the high-end pressure washer market. Market leaders stake their reputation on quality, and that's where Cat Pumps comes into play. 

Check out this video from Yamaha. Cat Pumps is featured at around the 35 second mark. Thank you for your confidence!

Nothing outruns, outlasts and outperforms Cat Pumps. When you need the best--get the best!  Cat Pumps. 

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Regulator vs. Unloader

> Here is a question we hear from our customers quite often: what is the difference between a pressure regulator and a pressure-regulating unloader?  

> When using a pressure regulator, the pump and downstream components operate at the set system pressure. A pressure-regulating unloader performs the same function as a regulator but also contains a check valve on the discharge side. When a downstream shut-off device is closed, the check valve seats against the body of the unloader, trapping downstream pressure. At the same time, pressure is relieved between the unloader valve and the pump. 

> Unloading the pump reduces wear on the drive components while protecting the pump against rapid heat rise. If the bypass is being redirected to the pump inlet, a thermal valve is recommended as a safeguard against excessive heat build-up.

> Want to learn more?  Check out this video prepared by the Cat Pumps Creative Services and Marketing folks. Get the best—get Cat Pumps!

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Cat Pumps Introduces Our New Pressure Washer Center!

The Cat Pumps Pressure Washer Center is your one-stop pressure washer resource. Customers can find important information about pump identification, troubleshooting, repair and maintenance and other topics.  A “FAQ” section lists the typical questions we receive on a regular basis from our customers. 

Cat Pumps is the leading supplier of high-pressure water pumps for higher quality (longer-lasting) pressure washers. Customers can find Cat Pumps products on pressure washers made by elite manufacturers worldwide and sold through the top retail and online establishments.

Check out our Pressure Washer Center today!
Link to the Cat Pumps Pressure Washer Center:

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Get Your Pumps Ready for Winter and Long-Term Storage

> It is getting about that time of year for those of us in the northern hemisphere to start making plans to winterize and store equipment.
During storage of three months or longer, residual fluid left in the pump can cause corrosion, sticking valves and mineral deposits. 
For equipment stored where the temperatures drop below freezing, the pump can be damaged from frozen water in the manifold.
Get Your Pumps Ready for Winter and Long-Term Storage

> The best solution: use specially formulated Pump Protector from Cat Pumps® to protect your pump from freezing, corrosion, mineral deposits and premature wear. Recommended for use with all pressure washers, Pump Protector adds lubrication to pistons, valves and seals to prevent sticking. There is no better way to protect your pump. Get the best — get Cat Pumps!

> Check out the video! Contact your authorized local distributor to place your orders.

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Cat Pumps Adds New 316 SS Pop-Off Valve to Product Line

> Cat Pumps expands our pop-off valve range to include the new model 9941. The 9941 is a great addition to our accessory line due to its 316 SS construction and flow/pressure ratings:
- Flow rate 0-25 gpm/0-94.6 lpm
- Pressure rating 1000-4000 psi/69 – 276 bar
- Inlet Port: ¾” NPT (M)  
- Discharge Port: 1” barb

> Why use a pop-off valve? Over pressurization can result in costly damages and catastrophic failure—leading to total loss of production. A pressure regulator or pressure regulating unloader acts as a primary pressure valve. In the event of valve failure, a secondary relief device such as a pop-off valve allows liquid to flow freely, preventing pump and system damage.

Cat Pumps offers a complete line of safety relief valves and pop-off valves. Lightweight and compact, Cat Pumps pop-off valves are the perfect choice for installation in the discharge line to relieve excessive pressure. Since these products are from Cat Pumps, you know they are built to last. Keep your equipment safe with Cat Pumps!

Find more info by going to and click on "What's New" for "New Products."
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