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I thought I'd share this image on Google+... it's our first ever 360 degree underwater panorama that was taken in the shark tank at Sydney Aquarium last year.

We're including it in a presentation to the Water Institute Symposium at the University of Southern California tomorrow.
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Yes, Wowwwww... the hypocrisy of human feeling superior...I do not like ..
Damir T
I like to swim there - I like the sharks in the tank
You like the sharks?? What.....?
We like the sharks too... especially black tips and lemon sharks (the sharks in the picture). These sharks are harmless to humans.
Oh! I thought all sharks are harmful. You know a lot about sharks! - to Catlin Seaview Survey
+Catlin Seaview Survey I've been to this aquarium. I thought it was especially unique to view the fish swimming over my head. I especially liked the large walled tank of the tropical fish and reef, it felt primeval!
it is amazing that they have keep the sharks in good behaver
So cool and neat looking too..I love the other world living on earth just below sea level
wow thats amazing! 3D looking
that's so nice ..
is that true ?
i want to go back to this aquaium
I feel happy to see like this dream !
I like it, sangat profesional
Oh!.. Big a big you viewphoto th very good
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