Catlin Seaview Survey hung out with 7 people.Michael N Sutton, Brian Rose, Eric Cheng, Poosak Posayachinda, Windy Nimma, Richard Fitzpatrick and JCU Aquarium
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XL Catlin Seaview Survey was in a video call with 7 others
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Awesome! Love technology.
A shame most of these reefs will be gone in a few decades.
I want to know what commercial value this project has? You guys can't be doing this all for free. Is it all funded by google?
Where do you guys plan on going after photographing the entire great barrier reef?
QUESTION for anyone who can answer at +Catlin Seaview Survey: How has +Google+ changed the way you can show people the Great Barrier Reef and the interaction you can have with people who want to discover the Great Barrier Reef? What is the value, for you guys, of +Google+ #Hangouts?
Side note: The fishies are so beautiful! Wish I was diving right now!
This is amazing! We would love to get the hangout underwater at Similan, Thailand
TL Lim
That was really cool. Thanks!
Thank you everyone for your comments and questions. We will get back to you soon with answers to all your questions. The Catlin Seaview Survey team.
There was a piece promoting this on +ONE News tonight in NZ, they completely failed to mention Google+ or your page though, mainstream media fail at technology :P.
Thanks for all your comments... here are a few answers:
Devon) The project is a scientific study sponsored by Catlin Insurance who have a history of sponsoring scientific expeditions. It is not a commercial project although it will certainly be beneficial to the tourism industry.
Devon) We are planning to visit about 8 locations next year around the world, but the exact locations are still be be decided.
Ian) Google+ has been great for the project. It gives us the opportunity to share images but more importantly gives us the chance to broadcast live to the world from underwater. We want to bridge the gap between scientific understanding and public awareness and this is a fabulous way to do this.
Wow... thanks for letting us know Alexander!... can you let us know where it was?
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