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Catlin Seaview Survey
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Catlin Seaview Survey

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Japanese War Bonnet

This is the winning entry for the Best Overall image at the University of Miami's annual underwater photography contest.

Japanese War Bonnet captured in the Japan Sea - Audrey Shpatak.

Via +Mashable
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Wealth of Marine Life

This #turtle is one of the many marine creatures we encountered on our expedition to the #Maldives .

One of our teams focused their efforts on identifying the #fish populations in the survey areas, counting a total of 22,668 fish belonging to 224 species. They visited 20 sites, swam 6km defying (almost) all currents and deployed 5kms of transect tape for in situ as well as SVII based fish counts.
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Anq cute nmn ! :) that is look alike my uncle just like a turtle.. . hahahaha but mataba lang sya pero magiging thin rin yun! :)
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Mapping the Maldives

Team members finalising the plan of action for the day surveying the #coral reefs of the #Maldives . Read the latest blogs from the field:
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Pre-dive briefing

The Deep Reef Team conduct their final pre-dive briefing at the surface in the #Maldives . Read the latest from the field:
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that is AWESOME!!!!!!! it two world right next to each other!
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Marine Debris

Fishing nets which have been discarded tend to congregate whilst drifting in #ocean currents and often end up on #coral reefs. The nets can then become entangled in the reef and smother or break the corals underneath them. Luckily our team of divers managed to dislodge this fishing net and bring it up to the surface.
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thanks for cleaning
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Surveying Maldivian Reefs

We are on our second expedition this year in the Indian Ocean, surveying the coral reefs of the #Maldives

This is our most complex scientific expedition yet, with a large and diverse group on board. We have our core Shallow Reef Team, fish experts, Deep Reef Team, and guest members of the Maldivian Marine Research Centre and +IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature's Project Regenerate. 

Read the first blog from the field team:
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who this
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Have them in circles
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Discarded fishing nets

The team in the #Maldives bring up to the surface a discarded fishing net which had drifted onto the local coral reefs. Marine debris such as this can smother the corals and inhibit their growth.

Catch up with the latest Catlin Seaview Survey news:
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SVII in action

The mission of one of our teams on the scientific research vessel in the #Maldives was to assess #fish diversity, abundance and species richness.

At each site, we marked the area we assessed with transect tapes so that the SVII team could fly over the exact same route and compare results. This is the first step in establishing the SVII camera system as a novel and fast way of conducting fish surveys.

Find out more:
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awesome scenic
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Assessing genetic differences at depth

During our #Maldives expedition, the Deep Reef Team are collecting #coral samples from two depths, 10m and 30m in order to assess genetic difference between these two communities.

Examining the deep reefs is important as they are hypothesised to act as a refuge for shallow-water corals by having the potential to seed shallow water reefs.

Find out more:
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+lilibeth cantiga very far from england.
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Macroalgal-Coral Interactions

#Coral reefs are not just all about corals, they are also structured by the plants present – the algae. Particularly prevalent in the #Maldives , coralline algae coat the reef like bubble gum, spreading in shades of cherry, rose, and burgundy. These algae are very important, as they provide a key settlement cue for coral larvae to colonize on, and they also have central roles in cementing the reef together.

Find out more in the latest blog from the field:
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The effect of human development on coral reefs

The #Maldives are highly dependent on healthy #coral reefs and a clean #ocean environment. Tourism is a vital part of the economy here and the country welcomed 1 million tourists last year alone. However, with tourism comes development.

During our Maldives expedition we are surveying locations with both low and high levels of human influence to compare the coral reef communities and ocean conditions. The Secchi disk in this photo is used for measuring water clarity, which can often deteriorate due to human impact such as sewage discharge and land based runoffs.

Read the full blog:
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Volcanic Reef

The SVII-S surveys under an arch created by volcanic reef at Pedras Secas, off the coast of #Brazil . See the 360° virtual dives created here on our Google Oceans page:
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The Catlin Seaview Survey is a global science and communication project - recording and revealing our rapidly changing oceans.

The world’s reefs are in a dramatic state of decline - we’ve lost over 40% of corals over the last 50 years due to pollution, destructive fishing and climate change. According to the scientific community the decline is set to continue, it will affect 500 million people globally who rely on coral reefs for food, tourism income and coastal protection.

In response to this issue, the Catlin Seaview Survey is creating a baseline record of the world’s coral reefs, in high-resolution 360-degree panoramic vision. It will enable change to be clearly monitored over time and will help scientists, policy makers and the public at large to see and understand the issues reefs are facing and work out what needs to be done to best protect coral reefs now and into the future.

More from the project can be seen at

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