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does anyone know what type of encryption is used in the note 4? 
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Good question. ..I need an answer too ...
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I postep earlier about the Edge - this pretty much answered my question. Here's the tech comparison for those interested
Still undecided on whether the Samsung Note Edge or Note 4 is for you? See how they stack up against eachother: 
When Samsung launched its GALAXY Note 4 , it gave us a two-for-one bonus with the joint announcement of the Note Edge. Now available fro... - 376655
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Played with the Edge yesterday and I didn't think that I would like it when I saw the demo's (it looked gimmicky at first), but hmmmm if they had been side by side, maybe I would've picked it. Who knows what the cons would be (short list) over the note 4?
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+Cathy Moore too bad you have to wait. Hope you get yours soon!!! Love mine
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Some of you may know this already, but just in case....if you haven't performed a firmware update in a while, you should check to see if one is available via your cable and kies...the update didn't come thru wirelessly....I have the gt-n8013 (2012) and the firmware update notice showed up when I connected to my pc 
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I have no clue what this update affected :) - I have used the unit more over the last 2-3 weeks & don't see improvement. 
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Samsung's own GPU unit could be part of the Galaxy Note 5 phablet. Additionally, a new concept shows the Note 5 as a killer phablet with powerful specs.
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does anyone know of a way to clear the device cache (I know how to clear the individual app cache) -- not looking for that set of instructions -- we used to be able to clear cache in the 3 -- can't find the option in the 4
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Thank you +Cathy Moore  for asking that.  I have been wondering the same thing!  Thanks +Alex Andrade for the answer!!!
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I like this I think...eventhough we won't get it :)
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Thanks +Nicole Dickerson​, yes it updated yesterday
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yummy yummy for my tummy...lunch is served and it's healthy too..yep it is - it has calcium, fruit and protein (let's not bother with that pesky calorie count - no need for that :). Image shot with stock app, no post editing (food setting).
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T Waite
hahaha. . .when I first glanced at it I thought it brains
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Cathy Moore

Discussion  - 
+Thomas Martin​ here is what the confirmation screen returned in case this answers your question 
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No problem here. 
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Finally got around to exploring the IPhone and I'm convinced more than ever...that I would never buy this toy...I truly don't understand the hype of this apple mess. Love my note series 
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Lol I was going to go for the 6+ because I bought a macbook pro in September but I'm happy I chose the Note 4. Apple is a lot of hype. I'll give them credit on their estethics but that's about it 
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Has anyone experienced wifi turning itself off & the only way I can get it to turn back on is to power cycle. I don't have smart switch turned on. 
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It's strange & annoying because it's intermittent 
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A hidden feature: if you are shooting video and need an external light, there is one built in your phone. Open your still camera app, turn your flash to "on" & arrow back to the camera default screen. Select your video icon and the light will turn on. This will come in handy if you are in a dark environment & need a light source
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Have her in circles
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