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Welcome, new G+ friends! If you're following me here, come follow my G+ company acct., too! You'll definitely find some posts and resources there that are not on this G+ profile page. Thank you to all of my Google friends, clients and colleagues who have found our company profile! Find out more:
Second (and final) Weekend, June 9-10, 2012: Pro Arts East Bay Open Artists' Studios; The Multidisciplinarian — Rise of the Expert Generalist; On Social Innovation — Social Media and Social Change; Ray Bradbury Tribute: Ray Bradbury and the Future He Saw; Why Creativity is the Most Important Leadership Quality; Using Research to Enhance Creative Thinking, Parts 1 and 2; A Creative Life is a Healthy Life; The Problem with Design Thinking; Is Modular Design the Key to Rapid Innovation? + more from this past week — Creative Sage™ Tumblr Collection of Curated Links, News and Resources: