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Catholics in Action
Entrusted to Servi Trinitatis, Catholics in Action is an extension of the Church's beloved Catholic Action.
Entrusted to Servi Trinitatis, Catholics in Action is an extension of the Church's beloved Catholic Action.


Dear Friends,

Now that 2015 has come to a close and 2016 is underway, we look back and reflect on the wonderful year that Catholics in Action (CIA) had in all of its apostolate works. In the same manner, we look forward with excitement and hope that 2016 will bring similar moments with it. We are thankful to God for the opportunity to be able to serve Him through this amazing organization. Under the instruction of Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted, who has supported this organization since its first beginnings, we work tirelessly to bring more souls to Christ through the various departments found in CIA. Through this letter, we have provided you with a small summary of what 2015 brought for each of our departments and what we hope to achieve in 2016. We ask that you keep this organization, its projects, members and volunteers in your prayers. We look forward to a year full of joy and love as we work to do His will.

FOOTPRINTS: The path of your life (The Way of St. James Documentary Project)
After having completed the filming of the documentary project in 2014, our early efforts in 2015 were focused on paying-off the remaining balance on the production of the film. By His grace, we did so in June which marked the end of the Production Phase. On July 19, 2015 we were blessed to have hosted a private screening of Footprints to all of our major donors, volunteers, members, supporters and special guests. We were able to host 400 guests at the Harkins Shea Theatre in Scottsdale, Arizona and projected for them the fruits of their labor which they completed over the course of the previous 21 months. There were hundreds of people and thousands of man-hours involved in the creation of this film making it nearly impossible for us to thank all of them in person. Amongst them are people from organizations including Servi Trinitatis, St. Anne, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix, Grassroots Films, the Catholic Leadership Circle, En Familia Radio, The Catholic Sun, Raza Development Fund, the Law Offices of John Jakubszyk, Matanoia Films, IMP Gilbert and many more. In a very special way, we thank those American Bishops who endorsed this film when it was still only a dream. We are also grateful for the Spanish Bishops and members of the Vatican's Pontifical Council for the New Evangelization who have given their approval of the film after having viewed it in August of 2015. Our own U.S. Bishops had the opportunity to view it this past November at the U.S.C.C.B. General Assembly and they, too, are very excited about this project. We hope that this update reaches each and every person who made this film possible, so that they may know that we are eternally grateful for their time, talent and financial support. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts for helping us make this a dream come true. 

The second half of 2015 has been dedicated to formulating a plan for the next phase of this film: Distribution. The Board of Catholics in Action has had many conversations with people and organizations in the hopes of beginning our theatrical distribution in 2016, which will be followed by DVD and digital distribution. Final conversations are underway. We ask for your prayers during this very critical time.

Our goal has always been to bring Christ to others via a means that reaches individuals who might not otherwise have the opportunity to hear the message we bring. Please keep Catholics in Action in mind as you discern your future giving. 

FORMATION: CIA provides formation to a young adult group which is primarily composed of individuals ages 18 - 35. They meet twice a month, under the guidance of Fr. Sergio Fita. The goal of this formation has been to teach about the spirituality of the Catholic Action so that every individual may come to live it in their daily lives. In 2016, CIA will be bringing additional formation opportunities to the general parish community of St. Anne through the hosting of special speakers. The first of these is being held on January 10th at 7pm in the main Church. As CIA continues to grow in interest and membership, we hope to develop other formation groups which will meet the needs of married couples, children and teens. Our sister groups located in Madrid & Cuenca, Spain and in Santa Rosa, Argentina are an example and blueprint of what we hope to become some day in the United States. Pray that these formation meetings may light the fire in all of our hearts that we may be willing to give endlessly to the growth, development and promotion of CIA.

PRAYER: This year we were able to provide CIA members with two opportunities to join in 4-day silent retreat in Northern Arizona. We hosted approximately 30 individuals at these retreats. In addition, the CIA Board was able to take a 1-day retreat in Tonopah, AZ where they came together in prayer and camaraderie in an effort to nourish their personal, spiritual and working relationships. Other prayer opportunities included weekly Holy Hours, special Adoration times during Easter and the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe and daily meditations. In 2016, we hope to provide more silent retreats, as well as additional formation opportunities to members and non-members, alike.

APOSTOLATE: CIA works closely with the parish of St. Anne on multiple projects. In 2015, we were blessed to be able to work closely with the Stewardship Committee who works diligently to bring the community of St. Anne together through great examples of stewardship. This year, CIA was able to provide monthly childcare to the Marriage Matters Seminars; games and entertainment to the Annual Parish Picnic; involvement in the Annual Eucharistic Procession; close collaboration with the Knights of Columbus to provide parking at the Stewardship Committee's Passion and Purpose for Marriage event in November; volunteering at the Friends of the Needy Food Bank, and so much more. In 2016, we hope to extend ourselves to more of St. Anne's ministries as well as to bring to that community many opportunities for them to grow closer to Christ.

Again, we would like to thank you for all of the support that you have given us throughout the year. We look forward to a wonderful year in 2016 and do hope that you will continue to be an active part of this organization. We are always available to answer your questions about any of our projects and do welcome you to contact us. Feel free to email us at with any questions. We are here to serve you. 

Thank you and God bless,
Dr. Sandra Reyes
President, Catholics in Action

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