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How do you introduce change to your business?

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The amazing supercars on display in the streets of London

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Lots of fun playing with my new +Double Robotics robot today at the office!

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Interesting use of +Google Glass in Australia!

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The first in a series of posts from our recent trip to Necker Island for a Business Chicks and Virgin Unite Leadership Gathering

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Thanks +Google Photos​ for this super cool animation!
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Always a surprise when old photos of me pop up in Australian media as illustration of a +Google Glass story!

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June 30 is about so much more than the end of the financial year for my family - here's why

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What does the new Epic Head Office look like? Take a first look at our new office that was designed with a brief of 'more collaborative working spaces/an open & transparent environment/respectful of the needs of our clients & the people we service/promoting health & well-being'. #officedesign   #healthylifestyle   #healthcare   #workplace  

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Vivid Sydney is a spectacular light festival, lots more pictures in this latest blog post #vividsydney  
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