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Could there have been a better way to begin a Sunday? May yours be lovely and inspiring...

#dawnonSunday curated by +Ray Bilcliff
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I know it is early yet, but this is now my favorite thing that I have seen today!! Thanks +Catherine Vibert!!
Absolutely stunning. Love all the earth tones!
Wonderful shot Catherine! I like the nice colour range...
Wonderful with a stunning light and color.
This is so lovely +Catherine Vibert. I am not one to often suggest such a thing - but I think it would make a wonderful square. :)
+Athena Carey I know what you mean Athena! But I love it like this too. That blue on the right being the only real color beyond a monochrome in the image just gets me where I live. The great thing about photo processing is we can have both! :-D Yay!
Beautiful photo, the sunlight is majestic
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