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Henry Pickavet
Editor | Writer | Taker of Pictures | Showtunes Enthusiast
Editor | Writer | Taker of Pictures | Showtunes Enthusiast

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A father defends his son's choice to wear dresses: "I want to love him, not change him."

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This is kind of an amazing song. 

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In a matter of weeks, Bay Area transgender pilot Tamsyn Waterhouse could once again be fully licensed to fly planes, because she challenged the Federal Aviation Administration and won.

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My first story for the "Bay Area Reporter": Jon Evans and Nedo Stankovic are fighting against time. One year ago, the couple was married in a ceremony in New York City's Central Park. Now they are anxiously hurtling toward February 2013 when Stankovic's student visa will expire, putting him in danger of being deported to his native Croatia.

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Yes! I'm in the middle of Hawking's 'A Brief History of Time.' I'll be catching this.
TONIGHT: World Science Festival live webcast with Brian Greene, 10pm ET

It's tonight, 10pm eastern, this is a must see event if you ask me.

Leonard Susskind and Saul Perlmutter will also be there. Perimutter just won a Nobel in physics and Susskind played a large part in the development of string theory and battled with Steven Hawking over information loss from evaporating black holes, and was a contributor to the holographic principle. I'm not sure if Susskind will be answering questions or if just Brian will.

Either way, Brian will be taking & answering questions previously submitted via Twitter or Facebook.

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I put out a call for writers a while back and got many responses from writers who wanted to be added. It's still a rather small circle, but I hope we can see more writing action happening here on G+. I know many of these folk's writings very well and there is tasty stuff being written daily within this circle.

Catherine Vibert shared a circle with you.

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It's as if the people I need to be in my head are actually in my head.
Learning photography can often be intimating, frustrating and often very confusing. It isn't really as hard as it is often made out to be. I have written up my view of the basics of exposure; aperture, shutter speed and ISO. Hopefully it makes things less confusing.

How I shoot...

feel free to share!

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Not getting caught while taking shots of SF nooks and crannies.

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After I've collected the necessary equipment, I will definitely try this.
High Tide on Embarcadero

This is one of those very classic (and common) shots of San Francisco's Bay Bridge. It is taken while walking along Embarcadero Street, a couple of blocks south of Market St while on my first Photo Walk organized here on G+.

To shoot this at night, you should have a tripod, or a way to attach your camera to the cement railing over the water.

The lights from the bridge can be pretty bright compared to the light that spills onto the pilings in the foreground. To balance this, I used a 3 stop ND graduated filter to lower the lights on the bridge and allow a long enough exposure to brighten the pilings and reflected light on the water.
-- 23mm, f/13, 100 sec.

Looking forward to getting out this week for some more shooting - I think I see some blue sky peeking through after a couple days of gray drizzle :)
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