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Catherine Kolkoski
Professionally, I have a heart for small businss. Buy local. Stay local.
Professionally, I have a heart for small businss. Buy local. Stay local.

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I am attending this event. If you are from up North (in Parkville, MO or surrounding) and want to ride with me, I'd be glad to pick you up to go! Just inbox or call me! The event is at Groundhouse Coffee, 103 S Elm St, Gardner, KS 66030. ‪#‎AllForSmallBiz‬

Now that local G+ pages have changed yet again, how do you assign a manager of a GMB page when before you accepted the invite through the Google+ page? I invited myself to manage a page and when I go to the local page, the message inviting me to manage is no longer available.

I am looking for THE BEST free weather app for Sony SW 3.

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Coolest thing ever! My Sony SW 3 turned into a remote for taking pictures! Discovered it last night trying to take a photo of my watch for my Instagram.

Does anyone know if I can get a Metal watchband for the Sony SW3? Love the white one I have. Looking for more variety... Thanks! 

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Collections from Google+. Someone just said they heard Google+ was going away... No way. Google will keep trying to find ways to make it work and a reason for those who care about search to use it.

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Could this happen to you and your marriage? Do you reach out to old flames on Facebook? You may be playing with fire...
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