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Interesting portrayal of Madonna ...
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Great example, and more interesting, way to show the benefits of tweaking pics.
josh h
the one on the right was at closing time?
I see it now! The lady on the right is younger and has a haircut ;)
Could she have been lit more effectively? I think more effective lighting and creative white balance could have made the SOOC a better photograph. Photographic lighting is so often harsh and...not unforgiving, but deceptive. This particular lighting seems to me to be flat; lacking depth, and under-illuminated.

However, the intent of the photographer may have been just that--get a flat photograph upon which to work some artistic magic.

I feel the post on her face is overdone and removes character from her face--I'm looking at a doll, not a "boxer". That could've been the intent, but I really like the lines and character in a human face.
At least she is not fat and still keeps herself in shape, in my opinion the photographer could have done a better job on lightning.
Looks like something from Annie Leibovitz. Bad lighting, out of focus, totally inaccurate portrayal  of the subject... but the post production crew did a their best... just like an Annie Leibovitz shoot.
Yeah on top of photoshopping her, they had to fix the lighting.  So two good examples here except too much editing on the skin for me.
Someone is gonna lose his job!
+Robin Michelini I agree regarding the skin - to plastic looking.  Crazy thing - is this is probably done by one (or a few) of the countries most esteemed retouchers.
+Catherine Hall maybe Madonna demands they do it that soft :) That is crazy though being in that position and delivering that quality or lack of!
Photoshop can be worked both ways. How do we know both haven't been modified?
They might as well use body-doubles...scary...
one on the right is the photo shopped one
zombie apocalypse has started....oh wait that's just madonna.
The power of PS!
i think she still got it!
This is BS she doesn't look that old. And even if she does, why would she be looking like that for a photo shoot? 
Yes, the one on the left, & I'm not sure the one on the right side benefits anyone…
They both have a place, one in reality and the other on the cover of a magazine.
Looks like she was rode hard and put away wet.. eww
After seeing how much Photoshop work she needs done, I don't feel so bad about myself!
She looks like the Walking Dead
I actually like the way she looks without the airbrushing or whatever that is.  She is who she is.  I wish they'd quit 'enhancing' everything we see in photography.
The left one looks better because it's more realistic. The right one is like computer-rendered models years ago.
What's wrong with growing old?  Its part of life.  The sooner every generation accepts that fact the sooner we evolve as a western culture.
madonna by day thriller backround dancer by night
would love to see the post editing of the second image - strong imagery 
I thought it might be a stereo pair, but it's just a pair.
This makes me wonder if there is anything like this for movies... 
Goddammit mom! Put your clothes back on. I told you not to do this around my friends, it's gross!
Reminds me of Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade when they drink from the wrong grail cup!
The look-alike looks considerably better than the original!
You gotta love photoshop! Seriously though, I think she's a FINE!... looking woman without the re-touch. The edit looks totally unrealistic, even for a woman 25 years her junior. 
Does she EVER close her legs?
Madonna should dsisapear and hang it up
+Phil McCracken actually I agree with you but our culture is YOUTH oriented that it is impossible. Madonna herself is recording POP songs and dance remixes. For who? Youth. If she puts out music aimed at younger people and looks like a Senior, it wouldn't sell..
Not a surprise, she is aging! I dont see nething wrong in it.....
She is the ultimate popstar....pleasure to watch her performing! 
Thank goodness I had dinner several hours ago.
Left: before Photoshop. Right: After A LOT of photoshop.
وما أدراك ما الفوتوشوب 😊
Beer Goggles Effect...
is this for real?! she looks like a mummy!
Madonna, you were lots of fun back in the day and had a long run of hits. Please let us remember you as you were and stop now.
frak off +Larry Olson, madonna's greatest role still awaits...leader of the zombie apocalypse
Even old dancer's legs will crush your skull.
Does she ever get old????? She my age !!!!!! Looking gorgeous ! +1 
Agree with Alex. She's had an extraordinary life, and still very hot for her age
Too much blur, all the texture is lost.. This wasn't done right.
she is my diva no matter what
Don't make fun of Madonna; make fun of us for letting it matter. 
Looks like she is having a hard time escaping old man time!
soo who cares that her pictures arent real they still portray beauty, and it still make it art.
woman on left is a woman.  Woman on right is more like a cartoon..
Hypothetically speaking, you could get sued by Madonna if she found out this was put out by you...  It's not a pretty picture.
Errr...yay getting old it great...emmm...yeah...

Enjoy your youth!
Even before the photoshop, she looks pretty good...

...for someone who has more miles on her than a '66 Volkswagen.
Madonna couldn't sue her way out of a paper bag.
she got her time lov her,,but let moooveon LADY GAGA Yall lol
Tighten up Levels, Increase Contrast, add Vibrance and edit out wrinkles, lines and blemishes with a combination of Content-Aware Fill and a masked layer with a Gaussian Blur. Voila!
Uuuhhhhhh this is NEWS! Nobody ever imagined that famous people's photos are manipulated. Keep up those big and important news!
So that's what she would look like after I drink a case of beer! Beer googles are so cool.
Why can't we accept that women have wrinkles and marks on their skin? Do Women have to be perfect to express their sexuality? 
Oh my eyes my eyes my eyes my eyes, disgusting!!!!
I can only say this for the moment; buyer's remorse.
where can I get some of that photo shop for my photos? My daughter is in college learning this, she will be making over 200k a year working for victorias secret fixing the models. and men really think women look like this naturally???
Something tells me. Madonna didn't look that bad in the original... even with normal make up she'd look better. In the Photoshop one she looks like a Cyborg however.
unbelievable. look hers face! 
I can do the same thing with just a 12 pack of beer. It's not like the airbrushing isn't obvious.  It might as well be a painting at this point.
Sad, let go, grow old gracefully. Embrace change and love you. All I see is a basket case with prescription medicine issues and poor parenting. (Just saying)
I can't stand to look at the. Old scarecrow you all know as Madonna
You remember those old people that would show up to your parties in high school? Time to tell madonna to go hang out with people her own age.
wow i said wow...i have a healthy fat i admired u dreaming one of ths day,my body is like u.
Madonna on crack and her Photoshop boys!
amazing what photoshop can accomplish eh? 
She looks stunning and healthy. Butterfy.
Anyone wanna bet that the picture on the left is the photoshop? Would probably stir up more hits given that perspective.
amazing what photoshop can accomplish, eh?
wow amazing job...I meant editing...
Either way, I appreciate the raw sensual beauty. Unfortunate that the uncontrollabe mood swings and spiral into addiction ended that.
She is awesome, great photo. Would put it up on my wall and turn on the CD player.
This is why there are impossible standards of beauty...
Photoshop is a woman's best friend next to instagram. Can turn a 70 yr old into. 21 yr old. 
Even before clicking on this pic I was like: left pic = natural. Right pic = photoshopped
simply don;t believe in everything you see.
Awesome photography accurate timing
dang, there's 30 years difference between the two photos!
Convincing evidence for the need of make-up.
Time for her to retire
Oh My God. If photoshope made her this, then i would be the most handsome man in the world. :P
Hey, over 50 is over 50 and that's that - for BOTH genders.
Madonna fans: Physical beauty is not forever. No, papery skin and wrinkles is not sexy, never going to be. No one successfully hides their age, they just start looking like someone trying to hide their age.
You are supposed to take hints that you don't make 'em hot anymore and stop swinging your whatever in their face. Madonna was always a whore for celebrity though, it was impossible to embarrass her with too much fame.
Amazing, look how they Photoshop'd Madonna to look old!
She's still a foxy lady :)
Money and power make them fuckers sexy 
Truth is there's always been attempts to manipulate images of celebrities. At one time it was airbrush abuse now it's digital distortions. It will always happen, flip side of that is we all get fooking old, we all age. Fooking deal with it. Shag her anyways, hell its Maddona
U could do a side by side for anybody in Hollywood and I could be better or worse
PS and plastic surgery can keep an old hag relevant for years after her prime.
That's the same effect they use on Oprah and Ellen DeGeneres..
yes no one say shes old
old will be glitter as gold if u make-it-up....
Thank goodness the picture is cropped...
There is nothing more disgusting than an old woman trying to be sexy. Give it up girl. Grow up already. Leave being sexy for the 20 somethings.
So which one's the retouch job?
hard to tell which one has the most photo shopping to it.
I think this is column A and Column B..Meaning I think this is composed of to examples of extremes.  Cool though. 
Looking so nice and beautiful 
Madonna before she feeds on a young girls essence, Madonna after she feeds on a young girls essence.
someone of her age......she looks good!
What would you reply me if I told you that the right one is the real one and the left one is fake.
As an expert with photoshop my opinion is that both images are touched. Don't believe what you see, and that works both ways.
Madonna is getting super old, super fast.
I think these types of comparisons only work when only ONE out of two images has been photoshopped...
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Without the older photo on the left, I don't know if I would recognize the person on the right.  The mouth on the right photo looks completely wrong to me.
Not bad for a 54 year old , but it IS all flattened out with all settings except chroma set to max!

Leo T
What? She uses Instagram filters too? #sowhat 
the left one looks real....BUT how do we know that's not Photoshoped too...hmmmm
Where's molly now?! 😂😂😂😂😂😂
wow...are those talons coming out of her fur?
Just goes to show ladies, all the make up in the world will not make you look like the women in the photos. Only photoshop can.
Loards hur oid est child you can see the looks .good for madona agd two mite add cool.
I love Madonna and I grow with her but when the time is time tic,tic,tic,..... She have to walk with dignity and not matter how much photoshop they used to keep her younger she have to left her place to someone younger like Lady Gaga even she hate it .. Girl !! Wait up !! you have 54 years!! .. That's life ...You still looks good but not for that sexy portraits and tray to hire your age with photo's software .. No way!! . .. Time is out for you .. Lol 
I don't care: I love her voice and I do how she looks at her age... 
Q; Who are you 
A: I'm Madonna
Q: Madonna who?
A: the singer
Amazing what you can do with a computer these days.
easy...go look that good in her age... btw photoshop rulez :-) like britney spears singing :-) where would we get our illusions if we couldn't cover our mind with computerized augmentations :-)
There will soon be no Madonna left, just white pancake.
Sorry but damn she even looks good even prior to photoshop. I HOPE that when I'm in my fifties I look half that great. You can say what you want but that woman takes care of herself. 
i dont care ! very nice. clever stuff tho.
you are stylish i am your fan
madonna to ab buddhi ho gayi...
Great works on pic manipulation. Wonder if they could achieve same in the sensitives...damn hopeless for a 54year old....nothing is same again
i don't see her modeling like that, I think both images have been shopped, but who knows.
I don't feel bad after seeing that
She looks pretty haggard in the one on the left, nothing like she used to be.
Not sure if i want to +1 this....not sure
I'm suprised that she didn't melt, although, with Madonna's hefty and rather large bank balance she's probably achieved 'day walker' status.
This isn't even a half decent photoshop job, anyone could have done this. Surprised they stayed as mellow as they did though, there sure is a lot to fix on that one :p
is it the original one on the left?
Thank you thats so crules and true - cant imagine how stunnig I would look after a Photoshop redo... *giggle
I do not like that.
if you look at the original you can see the the
already has many fold, but you do not have the same
Look 20 years younger can ... for my eyes: no monetary value.
Wow, so big difference between the true photo and the false (photoshop).
Shame !!
Aside from the post-processing discussion it annoys me that a lot of the final look could have been established by more efficient lighting. So Photoshop isn't just a tool to cover beauty issues but also results in photographers thinking less about their lights too.
)))))as it always happens. they MUST look beautiful because THEY are strars))) reality sometimes hurts!
They should not be allowed to use photoshop on models and celebrities. FALSE ADVERTISING
photo shop can make anyone look 15 years younger
all the amazing things you can do with a single photo :)
Yea, this is the best argument to turn gay... and outlaw Photoshop. This and listening to this woman. Sorry, don't like vulgarity no metter how much physical or digital makeup it receives.
Ezuberante elegante estraordinaria
Empolgante estrategica linda
nice defination of girl and old lady but both are very charm and sexy  nice  pic.
Mari R
Someone did this on a smart phone, you can do this with all portraits, remove brightness and contrast and you have the dull image on the left, keep playing with effects try it on photos off the internet.
Yes, the real you is without makeup, lighting and effects.
She looks demonic look into her eyes poor soul. 
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