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Oh - PSN is down >_>
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I blame David Cameron :P

Perfect timing aswell. Was just about to host a Q&A with Lockwood. Oh well. Monday it is 8)
I was just about to enter a gift code... second time I've tried it now and both times PSN goes down just as I try to do it.
Yeah, I'm not fond of that joining of accounts unnecesarily, We decided to watch Kick-Ass yesterday and about 15 minutes in, PSN went down leaving us LoveFiLM less on the PS3.
It's bad enough that they took away being able to watch LoveFiLM on Linux, but this means we're reduced to watching anything on an old windows Laptop.
I gave up and started to torrent the film so we could continue watching it, but just as it hit 80%, PSN came back up... but makes you think, why are all these legitimate services so broken all the time?
And really, why take away the option of watching it on Linux? Seriously? Who rips films from LoveFiLM's website anyway?
I would at least like a friendly, "PSN is down for maintenance" message rather than, "YOU FAILED TO LOG IN, ASS HOLE! 8071053D YOU SUCK FUCK YOU BLARRRRGGH"
Don't think they have the choice when it's something unexpected! Though I have no idea what's going on so don't quote me on that :p
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