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I wrote this -> When we scroll through our newsfeed, we don’t see the behind-the-scenes drama. We see the highlight reel. You probably don’t know many of the people you’re connected to, and the ones you do know are sometimes making shit up. When I’m on there more than five minutes, I feel dirtier than after watching the entire last season of “House of Cards.”  #facebook 
I’ve been running for over two years now, and completely understand the frustration with suspected cheaters. My friends have trained hard, damn hard, to qualify for Boston. Cheaters take the place of runners who deserve to be there. The Boston Athletic Association should investigate and improve conditions so this happens with less frequency. Tighter controls help keep our country’s elite marathon more pure and authentic.

However, Mike Rossi’s quest for attention, in which he arguably invited this level of scrutiny on himself, reflects a deeper and more disturbing trend.
When moms and dads do their job properly, troubled young men and women learn from the vitriol in others without acting on it. 
When a troubled young man opened fire on a crowd in Tucson, Arizona, a few years ago, the world mourned the violent deaths of the six people he killed, including one child, in that rampage. Jared Loughner also wounded Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, as well as others. Giffords, a Jewish Democratic Congresswoman from a right-wing, anti-immigrant,... Continue reading →
I wrote this --> “You take your children to church,” I said. “What’s the difference?”

It wasn’t a fair question, mostly because I knew the answer all along. One gathering consists of rational and caring adults modeling decent, civic-minded behavior.

The other serves communion. 
I wrote this. "If you, too, were an ugly girl, you probably spent many an evening staring at your reflection in the mirror and wondering why it didn’t resemble any of the beauties in fashion magazines or music videos. Reverse perms, relax perms, and straightening elixirs proved only to be sadly disappointing when humidity struck and those curls returned fifteen minutes later. Stuffing socks or cotton balls in bras didn’t really work, did they? It’s hard to grow up in a neighborhood where you’re the only teenage girl available to babysit on date nights. There were weeks, months, or maybe years where you didn’t think being an ugly girl was all that great. But here’s why it was:"
Being an ugly girl as a kid may have sucked at the time but it has paid off in the long run. There's proof to the whole 'it gets better' mantra for sure.
Wrote this, too.
To a certain extent, I’m the same way. I’m not worried that my children will be ostracized because they’ve never seen the inside of a McDonald’s.

I’m worried they’ll be ostracized because they don’t even want to. #tweens   #preteens  
I remember when it first hit me that my little boys weren’t like other kids. We were enjoying a picnic lunch with one of those Is This Fattening? mommy groups I joined in order to get away from Oprah. I noticed, with a healthy dose of fear and pride, that my sons were the only... Continue reading →
More unsolicited opinions!
Personally, I’m not worried about snapping. If I made it through the days when my babies shit all over the rug the same week my steam cleaner broke, I can make it through anything.

But if you feel yourself ready to commit a felony because your son says something rude, don’t reach for a firearm. Try these ideas instead.
Every once in a while, a mom kills her kids. Back in Spring 2011, Julie Powers Schenecker, a fifty year-old Tampa mom, shot and killed her two teenage children because they were “mouthy” and talked back. Most moms are familiar with the frustration brought on by disrespectful children. But killing kids before they get to... Continue reading →
I wrote this.
How one runner interprets the hatred from non-runners toward her sport.
My humor's catching on...with a bang. "Hot farts: Remember the good old days when you could eat anything? Yeah, pizza with jalapeno peppers and then a two-hour movie…bad call."
I wrote this -> Hopefully you’ve grown into a successful adult with few, if any, felonies on your record. It sure would be great if you took those life lessons and slightly embarrassing moments and helped a young kid avoid similar mistakes. You see, in your neighborhood school, right this second, is a teenager who is about to make some bad choices, dropping out before he or she graduates, and you can help stop it.

All it takes is an hour a week.
Boys constantly adjust themselves, whether they are standing in the outfield or on stage. Upside: At least when they’re on stage, spitting isn’t allowed.
Zachary was ten when he was cast in a local musical, Camelot, and thus began our family’s journey into the world of community theatre. Much to his credit, my son actually enjoyed four weeks of rehearsals, seven performances, and two rather uncomfortable fittings, all while wearing jazz shoes and tights. He was one of only... Continue reading →
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