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Catherine Calarco
Being the change that I want to see in the world
Being the change that I want to see in the world


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John Venn's 180th Birthday #GoogleDoodles very cool!!!!
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Wisdom manifesting with purpose and vitality!  Transforming healthcare
“The psychographics of a 50-plus today is one of a very active individual, not somebody who’s thinking they’re on the last journey of life. They want to take advantage of all the world has to offer, and look for technology that facilitates an active lifestyle and promotes a good quality of life." - Reactions from Shirley Bergin, TEDMED COO, while judging the AARP Life@50 LivePitch.
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Congrats Jon and team! 
Very excited about the progress the team is making with self-driving cars.  We're going to solve city streets! Great detailed article here.
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Watching Arianna discuss stress management, work productivity and balance
“We're very excited to announce that the next in our series of "Hangouts for Entrepreneurs" will feature legendary entrepreneur Arianna Huffington, author of Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder, Guy Kawasaki a renowned author, speaker, investor and business advisor and Rich Sheridan, business innovator and author of Joy inc..
This group of distinguished entrepreneurs and business pioneers will discuss how to thrive and create joy at work and how this helps to build successful businesses.

The Hangout kicks off at 10:00am PST on the 31st of March 2014.
Other time zones:
10:00 Pacific Standard Time
13:00  Eastern Standard Time
18:00 pm UK time
12 noon Jamaica time
19:00 South Africa Time

Please rsvp yes and then come to this event page at the time listed below to watch this Hangout on Air live
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Awe inspiring! 
The final installment in our #WorldOceansDay  program, we will be bringing together an amazing group of people including representatives of +One World One Ocean, Sea Turtle Restoration Project, Louie Psihoyos (from the Oceanic Preservation Society and director of #TheCove ) and more!

Participants include:
Molly Malloy - One World One Ocean
Octavio Aburto - Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Elena Kobrinski - Virgin Islands Coral Reef Preservation Initiative
Alyssa Isakower - The Ocean Project 
Louie Psihoyos - OPS
Dr. Sylvia Earle - Ocean advocate and awesome person
Nancy Knowlton - Smithsonian Institute

Please leave any questions below and for more about our hangout series, please check out our special #WorldOceansDay  hangout landing page.
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