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Doctor Catherine to you.
Doctor Catherine to you.

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This is a truly epic movie review.


Where does one even begin with a movie like this?

(For what it’s worth, I just stared blankly at my computer for 20 minutes after writing that first sentence before writing this one. Who knows how much longer I might sit here, wordless.)

(It was 15 more minutes.)

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It would take too much work for me to actually access and read the paper right now, so I'm posting a link to remind myself tomorrow.

From the abstract: "We assessed helping and sharing behaviors in 3- to 6-year-old neurotypically (NT) developing children and children diagnosed with ASD. Children with ASD were more inclined to show spontaneous helping in the absence of the helpee than NT children. In the sharing task, NT children shared the resources equally between themselves and the recipients. In contrast, ASD children kept less for themselves and gave more resources away."

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+Heidi Demetriou, Swedish Judas also seems rather badass.

(I was trying to find Tituss Burgess' version, but this'll do for the moment.)

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I'm being good and not buying anything, but you shouldn't follow my example. 

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These guys are my new heroes. They went on strike for better working conditions in space.
(Consequences being that none of them got a repeat trip, but it was better for everyone that came afterwards. Thanks team.)

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A small foray into crowd-sourcing

If you've got a spare 5-10 minutes, why not help me with my research ?

I've got these maps of the hydrogen in a large sample of galaxies, and some of them seem to have streams of gas extending well outside the galaxies themselves. They seem to be lined up in an interesting direction, but I'm worried about confirmation bias - I already know the interesting direction, so I might have unwittingly decided which way the streams are oriented based on that.

The following little quiz lets you decide how you think the streams are oriented. Since there's no other information here apart from the images of the galaxies - nothing to give you any clue as to what the interesting direction actually is - that should remove that bias. More instructions in the link. Enjoy...

Alex: Catherine, in this game we're going to pretend that the fat parts of your belly are a baby. 

Nicky: "Mama, Mama, I'm watching tv in the window. after tv off time. And I'm smoking [a straw]. "
Heidi laughs. "That's so naughty!"
"And... I'm shooting a gun out the window as I smoke and watch tv!"
"I bet you even have alcohol back there!"
"I'm drinking coke! With beer in it! In my pipe! And I threw the gun out the window and a car nearly crashed and I'm still smoking!"
"Well you're just the baddest child I know."

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Okay, so the dollmaker now has boys, but it doesn't put them in skirts. So I did both a short-short and a female version of femme-Batman for +Tony Demetriou
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Wow, there are so many people listed as appearing at the writer's festival, and I'm sick and tired and have to write the essay so it's probably for the best that I don't have time and besides I haven't read any books for ages, well, except for the Lauren Child ones, but she's from England so I don't have to worry about... bother.

(Heidi, she's doing a thing next Sunday if you were interested in getting anything signed. I'll be sleeping after an overnight shift, unfortunately.)
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