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Migraine. Had to call out of work. Can open eyes now and not throw up at least. Bleh. 

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I need to learn how to crochet. +Chris Coccia

PDF of Star Wars Ships Amigurumi Crochet Patterns - Millennium Falcon - XWing - Tie Fighter by MysteriousCats on Etsy

Boss just handed me a map and a badge and told me to get lost in the theater. No where is off limits.


You may never hear from me again. 

Bad itchy allergy day - the only thing I dislike about fall. Good thing I have no plans for anything outside today.

L'Shana Tova to my Jewish friends. :)

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New in Delco! Ceemonstercate. 

Not even 5:30 and I am out of spoons for the day. 

Holy fuck Game of Thrones.

I knew it was coming and holy fuck. 

Great day with aunt and geekling cousin getting her dress for her 8th grade dance.

Also got my 4day pass for Wizard World Philly. ;) (after a scare of it saying sold out and then not being able to find my new credit card - thankfully TicketLeap's link was still active and they sent me a QR code so whew!)

Off to dinner with the great aunt and co. Prolly won't be fireball shots tonight but who knows!

Philly Wizard World/Comic Con is in a month.

Someone please tell me I need to be a finically responsible adult and that if I drop $80 on a photo with both Seb Stan and Anthony Mackie, I can't buy anything else so don't drop $80 on a photo.

(I am hoping $10 individual photos with my phone will be available at the booths.)

Definitely just told my father that the USA men's soccer team is playing against Azkaban tonight.

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