Great to see Google make their +1 Button even faster! #webperf #webperformance #3rdPartyTags

Email Announcement:

Today we're improving the performance of the +1 button and the Google+
Badge. This change will first roll out to this preview group and
doesn’t require any change to your site. It reduces the size of the /
js/plusone.js loader, while making it smarter: it now will load only
the code necessary for widgets it finds on your site. In addition, the
full +1 button code has been reduced in size by roughly 20%.

We’re turning on this change for the preview group to give you an
opportunity to test the changes on your web site and ensure the +1
button and Google+ badges function properly. This change applies to
all supported browsers in all environments.

This is an invisible change aimed at performance and stability, but
please report any issues that may have been caused by this change in
the Google+ Developers Forum:

To help us quickly troubleshoot these issues, please create a new
thread on the forum with the following information:
- A link to a page with your issue.
- Your web browser and operating system. Make sure to include the
versions of both.
- A short description of the issue you're seeing.
- Whether you can reproduce the issue while you're logged in with your
preview account.

Thanks for your feedback!

+The Google+ Platform team
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