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A new breed of law firm. Guides on handling common legal problems combined with fixed priced legal solutions for individuals & businesses.
A new breed of law firm. Guides on handling common legal problems combined with fixed priced legal solutions for individuals & businesses.

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The Government has been dealt a huge blow as the High Court ruled its benefit cap is unlawful and illegally discriminates against single parents with young children.

The ruling was made in response to a judicial review brought by four lone parent families who said the cap would have a severe and disproportionate impact on them.


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Charities and financial advisers are calling on the government to use the Queen's speech to address the "bubble" of unmanageable debt that households are rapidly accumulating.

Unsecured consumer credit - including credit cards, car loans and payday loans - is this year expected to hit levels not seen since the 2008 financial crash. #debt

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Does your workplace adjust the dress code policy for the warmer weather?


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New regulations, brought in by the Financial Conduct Authority, were designed to help insurance customers to shop around and to make the rising or falling price of their insurance clearer. All insurers have had to include the amount paid the previous year in any renewal documents for insurance such as home and motor cover.

However Admiral - one of the largest insurers in the UK - failed to give accurate information.


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A study has found that 28 countries have better paternity benefits than Britain, where fathers are entitled to just 10 working days off at 80% of pay after they have a child.

Shared parental leave was introduced in the UK in 2015, giving parents the right to split up to 52 weeks between them. But the research shows that just 1% of dads have taken up the benefit.


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A recent Office of National Statistics survey suggested there are 5.4 million fraud and computer misuse cases a year, findings include:

* Northamptonshire residents are most likely to report suffering online shopping and auction scams - it affected 21.6 victims per 10,000 compared to 16.9 nationally

* Those living in Dorset fall for computer virus, malware and spyware fraud with 15,561 reports from 2014 to 2016

* Warwickshire is a victim of retail fraud with 30,944 in the same timeframe

* London is the fraud capital of a range of scams, including 16,249 reports of social media hacking

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The Telegraph Business Tracker finds that small business confidence in the Prime Minister is draining away as they fear Theresa May's administration has lost sight of their interests.


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A European Union law to abolish roaming charges for people using mobile phones abroad comes into force today.

The new legislation means travellers can use their regular data allowance anywhere in the EU.
But consumer organisations warned that exceeding data allowances would still be chargeable.

#mobilephone #holidays

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A decade ago it was sub-prime mortgages, but could it be sub-prime car loans this time?

Cheap finance has underpinned much of Britain's growth over the past three years and there has been no bigger beneficiary of than the debt-fuelled car industry. But this four-wheeled binge, which reached a record £31.6bn in car loans last year, could have consequences if it veers off the road.

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When you finally find the right brand of gin to celebrate World Gin Day

#WorldGinDay #Lawyers
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