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Catalin Morosan
Life is great, and then you fly!
Life is great, and then you fly!


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If you haven’t heard about ReactiveX by now, this meeting is the perfect opportunity to find all about it. No matter what programming language you’re using and no matter whether you are a front-end / back-end / web / mobile / desktop developer, this new way of writing code will make your programming life much easier.


“ReactiveX Basics” - Catalin Morosan

Catalin will give a broad overview of the main ReactiveX principles and concepts, independent of any particular programming language.

“ RxJava & RxAndroid -  Bringing ReactiveX to Android” - Cosmin Stefan-Dobrin

Cosmin will provide a quick introduction to using ReactiveX in Android development and will cover a few use-cases, showing how the paradigm can make app development easier and cleaner.  

“ReactiveX in the .NET world” - Costin Manda

Costin will showcase a dictionary lookup application comparing the standard coding approach to the ReactiveX approach.

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Enlightening talk about RxJava subscribers by Jake Wharton.

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Passionate about IoT and Google Technologies? Come and meet us at AppCamp to play with cool devices, write code and have fun.



Android Connected, real life Android Apps from IoT world 
Marius Mailat

IoT Applications Architectures for Android 
Victor Gradinescu and Catalin Morosan

Google Cloud Platform & IOT 
Bogdan Nourescu

Connection Android apps via BaaS systems
Parse and Firebase
Marius Mailat

I've started using custom views instead of fragments and this is working perfectly for me. But I would also like to know what to replace the DialogFragments with. Do you guys at Square use plain old dialogs or something else? The showDialog() method from Activity is deprecated and I lose state when doing orientation changes so I am guessing it's something else.
Any gist/sample code would make me very happy :)

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Panorama view from Mars.
Mars Panorama - NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover selfie: Martian night
(Digital Art Compilation)

I'm getting some inspection warnings in AS which look something like "Method invocation may produce NullPointerException" These happen for calls like getActionBar(), findViewById() etc.

Is it really possible that these calls may return null and I should check for null every time I am using the actionbar etc.? This adds some complexity to the code and I am wondering how you guys handle this kind of thing. I would prefer not to completely disable this inspection however.

Does anyone have a good time-tested solution for implementing in app billing? I have been using IabHelper for a year now but it's not very reliable. I've constantly had to fix bugs and I am still getting some NPE crash reports.

I am thinking of using a IabHelper singleton and never dispose of it. I think this would solve all NPEs but I do not know if there will be some unexpected side effects. The Android site does mention the following: "Remember to unbind from the In-app Billing service when you are done with your activity. If you don’t unbind, the open service connection could cause your device’s performance to degrade."

Any pointer in the right direction is very much appreciated.

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We need to protect the Internet.
Putin has set up the laws perfectly in case he needed to silence critics (and, for example, invade another country). Now he's easily shut down independent news media without any courts.

On many levels, he's literally Hitler. Not joking.

I've "squarified" my apps using Dagger, Otto, Retrofit, Picasso, OkHttp but one piece is missing from all this and that is persistence. From what I seem to understand, at Square you don't use sqlite so I would be interested to see a sample where things are fetched from the net, are persisted, are cached in memory and are pushed to views. I remember +Jake Wharton mentioned he would publish such a sample a while ago.

Thanks for all the great open-source projects and for the information you post online. I've learned a lot from you guys!

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It happens in Ukraine.
Spread this video about situation in Ukraine now, because tomorrow any communication channels could be down in our country

#ukraine   #revolution  
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