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2015 Worldwide Kidnap Statistics.
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Heads up to the recent baby makers of the universe...
Johnson & Johnson just got slapped with a $72M judgement for one claimant, in a product Liability Insurance Suit, $10M in damages and $62M in wrist slapping punitive damages. It took jurors 3 weeks to decide that Johnson & Johnson was liable for fraud, negligence and conspiracy!
If you're selling a product and think you don't need Product Liability Insurance because you claim it is "as harmless as baby powder" ... It might be time to redefine your terms.
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Johnson & Johnson (JNJ.N) was ordered by a Missouri state jury to pay $72 million of damages to the family of a woman whose death from ovarian cancer was linked to her use of the company's talc-based Baby Powder and Shower to Shower for several decades.
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Winter Driving Tips You Need to Share
To ensure you arrive at your destination safely, follow these winter driving safety tips:
"Know before you go" by checking road conditions BEFORE you travel.
Turn on your lights to increase your visibility and brush the snow off your lights and taillights.
Slow down and drive according to the conditions.
Never drive through "white-outs" or "snow fog" caused by crosswinds or plowing snow.
Don't assume that sanded roads will have good traction. The sand can sink into the snow, leaving a slick surface.
Allow more time to get 10 your destination. Patience is the key
Never use cruise control on wet or icy roadways.
Is It Safe to Pass a Snowplow?
Be extremely cautious when passing a snowplow. They can be moved sideways by drifts and hard snow pack.
Stay back at least five car lengths behind the plow to be clear of snow, fog, and sanding material that can reduce your visibility.
Know where the snowplow Is on multi-lane roadways, e,g, in either lane, on the shoulder, highway ramps, and authorized vehicle only crossovers. 

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Winter Driving Tips, Driving in winter weather can be a challenge, the following are some winter driving tips to help you navigate the ice and snow of the rough winter roads.
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Winter's arrived, here are some tips on what to do if you're stranded in your car. #Winter #Safety #Health #Tip  
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If your attorney is drawing up contracts using the term "Comprehensive General Liability" then you need a new attorney. "Comprehensive" is a subjective term that insurance companies do not use as it leaves room for interpretation. If you are requiring someone to obtain, or you are being required to or secure Comprehensive General Liability, you may have an easier time bringing a live unicorn to the closing table.
The proper term would be Commercial General Liability
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21M airbags in US alone under suspicion since 2008 in what might be the worst product recall in history, est cost over $20B
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The crisis of malfunctioning airbags is getting worse, putting millions more drivers at risk, for a longer period of time, than previously feared.
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Just like us, these things were conceived right here in NYC: Toilet Paper, Chicken ’n’ waffles, Teddy Bears, Eggs Benedict, ATMs and a few more priceless concepts.
New York is home to a lot of brilliant minds (comedians, authors, artists—the list goes on). And that claim to fame means we’ve also originated many...
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If you are a "Certificate Holder" on another company's policy and you think you "are protected in the event of an accident" you may want to find a new lawyer to draw up your contracts, because you aren't. If your intent is to be "afforded coverage in the event of an incident", the term and designation you are looking for is "Additional Insured"
Certificate Holder: an entity that receives a Certificate of Insurance from an insurer to evidence the type and amount of coverage afforded to the insured.
Additional Insured: a person or organization that enjoys the benefits of being insured under an insurance policy, in addition to whoever originally purchased the insurance policy.
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Be who you needed when you were younger.
Especially for you children.
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Account Executive Position - Busy NY P&C Insurance Agency
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Excellent communication skills - written, verbal and listening
Organizational skills
Detail oriented
Proactive in problem solving
Dedicated to customer service
Ability to work in a team environment
Ability to multi-task
Ability to effectively relate to a customer
Property & Casualty license (must be able to obtain, if you do not have one already)
As an Agent Team Member, you will receive...
Health benefits
Paid time off (vacation and personal/sick days)
Valuable experience
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A very real concern in the realm of product liability insurance is the distinction between wholesalers, distributors and manufactures. The distinction in question is “Who takes responsibility for product liability claims in the event of damage or bodily injury?” Is it the retailer, the wholesaler, the distributor or the manufacturer?
In the event that wholesaler, distributor or retailer is the direct importer of the product, you may be shocked at who is considered the product manufacturer?
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Product Liability Insurance for Retailers, Wholesalers, Distributors and Manufacturers. A very real concern in the realm of product liability insurance is the distinction between wholesalers, distributors and manufactures. The distinction in question is “Who takes responsibility for product liability claims in the event of damage or bodily injury?” Is it the retailer, the wholesaler, the distributor or the manufacturer? Who is considered the pro...
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Reminder: Flood Insurance Policies have a mandatory 30 Day Wait.
If there is an impeding disaster on the way, not only are property insurance moratoriums imposed, but FEMA & The Department of Homeland Security's National Flood Service imposes a 30 day wait before implementing any new Flood Insurance coverage.
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Castle Rock Insurance Agency is a professional full service Property & Casualty Insurance services boutique serving the Business and Personal Marketplace.

If you are looking for Insurance for a Building, Insurance for a Restaurant, Insurance for a Church, a home & auto or have a business that needs commercial insurance coverage, we will take the time to explain what you are buying, so you understand what is at stake and what you will be protected for.

An Insurance Agency that Educates their Clients

The key to our success is that we educate our clients to the exposures surrounding their personal and business assets so they can make educated decision as to their own insurance needs. We have been extremely successful in lowering insurance costs for our clients by leveraging our knowledge and relationships within the insurance industry. We always aggressively market and negotiate insurance premiums and coverage’s which usually results in an insurance product that is both comprehensive in coverage and competitive in price.

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