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Product Liability for food products is typically simple to obtain, however the Electronic Cigarette Market is much smaller and many insurance carriers will not write Product Insurance for E Liquids, Vape Juices or Electronic Cigarettes. Furthermore the prices continue to increase as the industry continues to grow and the potential for there to be claims increases. However our carriers gives us access to Product Liability Markets many other brokers do not have access to.
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We would like to congratulate the +Castle Rock Insurance Agency  Sponsored Megamen Lacrosse Club for finishing 4th in this year's Box Lax Tourney ‪ #Lacrosse #LAX  
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Let the be a lesson to all of you "Start-Ups" and "Small Businesses" that don't have employees. Their being employees or 1099'd Independent Contractors isn't up to you, it is based on how you control their labor . If you mis-classify them you could be in for a rude awakening when you get slapped with a wage and hour suit or a civil penalty from the state for failure to maintain workers comp, and state required short term disability. Some of these civil penalties can tip the $200 per day mark for each day you generated payroll and didn't have coverage in place.
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Insurance tip of the day
If you shop for insurance and are asked, "How much insurance coverage do you want?"and you reply "Well, What is the minimum I can have?" Chances are you already have it...

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Cyber Liability & Data Breaches Can Cost Your Business an Average of $200 Per Record
The implementation of computers, online data collection, mobile devices, remote employees has given rise to a new form of crime that is costing companies millions of dollars. Expenses from crimes that put most victims' companies out of business for good.
★ In 2011 the US, the average data breach cost cost companies almost $5.5M USD to mitigate
★ The average data breach cost companies and average of $188 PER RECORD in 2011
★ The average data breach involved over 34,000 lost, stolen, or missing records
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Are You A Wine Enthusiast?

Wine enthusiasts treasure their wine collections. Most believe their wine collections are automatically covered under their homeowner’s policy when they’re probably not.

A wine enthusiast will have an extensive collection that is accumulated over many years. Most, if not all, will have a wine cellar to maintain proper storage and temperature. Even with the utmost care and planning, losses can happen.

    Scenario: You have a $300K wine collection and a lightning strike takes out all home electronics including all controls to the wine cellar. Your insurance company responds to the claim accordingly but discovers your client’s entire wine collection has spoiled. You now realize your homeowners policy only affords $5K in wine coverage. Your now lost at least $295,000 depending on market value.

If you have an extensive wine collection you should have and maintain a collections policy for your wine collection. These policies should respond to fire, theft, flood, breakage, earthquake and spoilage.

If you are in NY, NJ, CT, PA, MA or CA and have questions contact us or visit us

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Will Self Driving Cars Be programmed to Play God?
While at a recent continuing education class, the topic of Self Driving Cars arose. The concern from an insurance stand point is "Who would be liable in the event of an accident?" The driver, the auto manufacturer, the system designer? To date Google's self driving cars have driven in excess of 1,500,000 miles, and although there have been 12 accidents, none of them have been the fault of the self driving car. As these begin to roll out, however, there will be, during the transition in, both manually driven and autonomous vehicles. The problem arises here... You are occupying a self driving car, heading towards you is a semi truck, to your right is a vehicle occupied by an elderly couple, to the left is a woman pushing a stroller with 2 infants. The computer system identifies the scenario and determines that someone has to die. It'll be either you, an elderly couple without much life left to live, or a mother and her two children.
Now what?
It stands to reason that these systems will need to be programmed with risk mitigation analysis to minimize the cost and severity of a claim. The question remains, will these be published scenarios with full transparency that clearly state what the outcome the systems will choose when faced with these situations? With assisted self driving cars to roll out as early as 2017 and fully autonomous vehicles slated to hit the streets as early as 2020, there are several obstacles that will need to be overcome.
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Will Self Driving Cars Be programmed to Play God? While at a recent continuing education class, the topic of *Self Driving Cars* arose. The concern from an insurance stand point is "Who would be liable in the event of an accident?" The driver, the auto manufacturer, the system designer?
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:/ that's heavy. 
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If you are a web developer, think long and hard about what can happen before you accept that $5,000 web gig, and strongly consider securing a Technology E & O Policy. You just might end up getting slapped with a $170,000 Errors & Omissions suit for a "delay in completing the project", "sub-par and bug-laden programming" and "inept project management".
Fortunately this guy had coverage.
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+Mak :-D the supreme Court I think hears cases of ppl who posted pictures of themselves on the internet that then got manipulated.
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Insurance Employment Producer Position Insurance Agency Employment Opportunity New York NY
We are seeking a Qualified Insurance Professional an Employment opportunity to work for a rapidly growing agency with access to almost unlimited Insurance Markets.
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Important Insurance News
Please be advised that the Tower Group Of Insurance Companies of New York NY has been downgraded from an AM Best A- rating to a B++ rating. In the Northeast brokers, including Allstate Insurance Company had been placing business with them through both Tower Insurance Co as well as Castle Point Insurance Company as a result of their coastal set backs. Be aware that this downgrade may jeopardize any umbrella insurance or excess liability insurance that requires the underlying policies to be with an A rated carrier. It may also violate any financial agreements, like mortgages, you have by having coverage placed with a carrier below an A Rating. Please contact out offices if you need assistance in replacing these, now, potentially sub-standard policies.

"As you may be aware, A.M. Best has lowered the rating of Tower Group from A- (excellent) to B++ (good).
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Cyber Liability & Data Breach Insurance
♦ Average cost to business owners is over $190 per lost record
♦ The Average US Breach Involved over 28,000 records
♦ The Average US Breach remediation cost over $5.4M
 ♦ 85% of all data breaches occur at the small business level.
♦ Organized crime considers small businesses high reward targets
♦ Malware was tied to 40% of all breaches, Hacking 52%

More Info:
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EXCLUSIVE Pennsylvania Restaurant Insurance, Bar Insurance, Tavern & Nightclub Insurance
+Castle Rock Insurance Agency introduces it's Exclusive Pennsylvania Restaurant Insurance Program, featuring Assault & Battery Insurance Coverage, Liquor Liability & Excess limits up to $4,000,000.

NO RESTRICTIONS ON LIQUOR PERCENT SALES Perfect for Pennsylvania Bars & Taverns.
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Castle Rock Insurance Agency is a professional full service Property & Casualty Insurance services boutique serving the Business and Personal Marketplace.

If you are looking for Insurance for a Building, Insurance for a Restaurant, Insurance for a Church, a home & auto or have a business that needs commercial insurance coverage, we will take the time to explain what you are buying, so you understand what is at stake and what you will be protected for.

An Insurance Agency that Educates their Clients

The key to our success is that we educate our clients to the exposures surrounding their personal and business assets so they can make educated decision as to their own insurance needs. We have been extremely successful in lowering insurance costs for our clients by leveraging our knowledge and relationships within the insurance industry. We always aggressively market and negotiate insurance premiums and coverage’s which usually results in an insurance product that is both comprehensive in coverage and competitive in price.

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