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When you go to a class, seminar, or other educational opportunity in your field, what do you look for from the instructor to make it a quality learning experience for you?
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i look for mastery of the topic taught and a familiarity with other methods, as well as a nice usage of both interactive learning and Socratic method.
Hey Cassius, Obviously by taking our precious time to attend anything, we're seeking guidance to a place that we want to be that we may need help getting to. Personally I look for something immediately actionable. Most people just keep loading up on more information and all it leads to is continuous overwhelm.
teaching based on hands on and effective on using thinking skill and creative thinking.....
I like it when instructors have their classes setup in
And professional levels
That way there's no assuming.
This is the instructor knowing a little about his students and being able to have a greater impact .
Just my thoughts
And please don't be a monotone instructor. :) 
I look for a sense of humor....Sounds a bit crazy, but learning should also be fun. You can be as knowledgeable as you want, but if you present the material in a boring and monotone way, it's a total turnoff for me. :)
all good points. I'm revamping the entire Curriculum for our educational photowalks series for later in the summer, so i want to include the type of teaching and the sort of experience that G+ photographers want, since we'll be filling our classes almost entirely from here :)
Well then...put in that context, I agree with the different degree's of knowledge such as novice or intermediate. I have experienced a few classes here, where because I did not know as much as the next one..I was looked down on and made to feel very inferior even by the instructor.
Well we dont want that now do we lol! We've done both blended and skill level based classes, and to be honest there are good and bad things about both.
I look to see if they are actually interested in the topic and try to do it in their free time. Passion is the learning tool. It always gets me motivated to learn/do more.
So passion, creativity, separate sessions taught based on skill level, information and material that can be taught and then instantly practiced on sight. And presented entertainingly with no monotone :-)
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