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Cassidy James Blaede

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I marched with my wife and hundreds of thousands of others in Denver for human rights. It was an incredible, colorful, peaceful, and powerful demonstration speaking out against misogyny, sexism, and prejudice.

One of the main themes was “Women’s rights are human rights.” This helps explain why it is a Women’s March: there are specific issues unique to women that must be addressed. Legislation regarding women’s reproductive issues, for example, is by definition a women’s issue. Equal pay for equal work is a minority issue that largely affects women. But while this specific march was organized by and largely for women, it was very clear that it was a human rights march. There was representation of racial minorities, LGBTQ, native peoples, and more.

The image of fanatic feminists who think women should be elevated above men is an unfortunate one that too many picture when they hear “feminism” or even ”women’s rights.” While those people certainly exist, extremists and fringe thinkers exist in every group.

In the same vein, feminism is not and should not be the antithesis of masculinity; one can be masculine and feminist. But masculinity is not misogyny.

To me, feminism is the recognizing that—in our current society—women are at a disadvantage due to societal pressure, norms, and the institutionalization of the aforementioned. This does not mean that women should be elevated above men or other groups. It can be confusing, and people disagree. And that’s cool, especially if there is productive discussion or thought to come out of it.

This is why I consider myself a feminist, and why I marched alongside my wife and 200k+ others this morning.

Have some pretty pictures I took. 😉
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This march was amazing to behold. So much love and positive attitude toward the work ahead of us.
And well said...I very much agree with everything you've said here. :)
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Cassidy James Blaede

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I wrote a thing! Also, pretty new logo.
After a fan reached out to us about usage of the official logos in community projects, we worked with them and our design team to better…
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Hey +Cassidy James Blaede i loved to see that  +elementary OS Brasil was the inspiration of a new logo.
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Cassidy James Blaede

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Do you frequently drive a changing, multi-stop route? This app is for you, and it's really good.

+Jack Underwood​ makes great stuff. 😉
Circuit - Route Planner uses sophisticated technology that combines current...
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Cassidy James Blaede

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elementary OS users: how do you typically listen to music while in front of your computer?

Feel free to comment with specifics, and feel free to reshare (but please only respond if you use elementary OS).
169 votes  -  votes visible to Public
Built in Music app on elementary OS
A different app on elementary OS
Mobile device
Other (please comment)
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Google music, website
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Cassidy James Blaede

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I tried a hoverboard today. It's... fun, harder than it looks, and probably still silly. But I'm getting the hang of it! Thanks to +Emma Marshall​ for bringing it into work. 😁
See this Instagram photo by @system76_com • 7 likes
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+Sean Patterson it used to be, I'll have to poke +Daniel Foré to see if we can add it to the new store. ;)
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Cassidy James Blaede

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Global menu bars are silly. ;)

Switching to work on a Mac machine and realizing for the first time that "proper" Mac apps put their menu bar all the way at the top of the screen be all like...
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+A.E. Veltstra
 if there are a few options, put it under a menu button (pattern often found on elementary OS). And if there are many options, use the "under-the-titlebar" menu strip. Works perfectly fine.
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Cassidy James Blaede

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Great write-up of where Flatpak sandboxing is. Looking forward to the next post!
The ability to run an application sandboxed is a very important feature of flatpak. However, its is not the only reason you might want to use flatpak. In fact, since currently very few applications work in a fully sandboxed environment, most of the apps you'd run are not sandboxed. In the previous part we ...
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Cassidy James Blaede

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Introducing the elementary Community Logo. +Cassidy James Blaede​ shares the story, design, and process behind it. 
After a fan reached out to us about usage of the official logos in community projects, we worked with them and our design team to better…
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+Daniel Foré new logo looks much colourful than the official. It's the improvement over the official logo. Kind of loving it.
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Cassidy James Blaede

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A week left until we pick the winners of #Superfan. Share your project here: (see full rules here:
System 76 Superfan Contest 2017 : Legend of the Lake. Use the space below to enter by sharing your creation. You can add a picture, video, text or link but be sure to provide an email. Should you win, we will use this to inform you of your winnings.
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Cassidy James Blaede

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Makers! Help us help you.

Google wants to create smart tools for Makers, so we're asking you to fill out this survey to tell us what you'd find helpful.

We'll also share they survey findings back to the community
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Cassidy James Blaede

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Heh, this is fun without much context. This photo was during a time when I was testing an unstable release of +elementary OS. ;)
Folks are sharing their projects for #Superfan, so we decided to share our #GeekPics for the #Superfan76Contest. Introducing: Cassidy!
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UX Architect, Front-end Web Developer
UX design, documentation, writing, tech support, being a friendly person, HTML5, CSS3, FTP, distributed development (bzr, git, svn), bug reporting/triaging, social media, UI sketching/whiteboarding
  • System76
    Front-end Web Developer, UX Architect, 2013 - present
    Front-end web development of the System76 website. User experience and interaction design. User testing. Distributed development/version control (git, bzr). Issue tracking and triaging. Catalog management.
  • elementary LLC.
    Cofounder, UX Architect, present
    User experience design, bug triaging, user testing, social media, developer communications, online chat- and email-based user support, high-level decision making, bookkeeping, corporate communications, press releases, developer documentation, end-user documentation
  • Visual Logic Group
    User Experience Intern, 2012 - 2013
    Icon design, front-end web development, print design, whiteboarding, UX design, UI design, user testing.
  • Blaedesign
    Consultant, 2004 - 2013
    Soldering/prepping audio connections; Researching, selecting, installing, and configuring PC A/V hardware and software; Training clients on PC A/V hardware and software; Assisting in the installation of audio and video presentation equipment.
  • University of Northern Iowa ITS Network Services
    Network Engineer Assistant, 2011 - 2012
    Upgrading switch firmware & configuration; Cacti Monitoring Service; Wireless Site Surveys; Configuring Enterasys Switches; Provisioning and configuring wireless APs; Handling RMA procedures; Utilizing NetSight Console for network management; Utilizing RingMaster for AP management; Creating and managing wireless heatmaps with Ekahau; Tracking tasks and progress in a ticketing system.
  • LCS
    Technical Support Analyst, 2010 - 2011
    • Provide support to internal staff and external clients via help desk.• Assist staff/clients with password resets.• Assist staff/clients with software installation, configuration, etc.• Write and maintain documentation through Sharepoint.• Communicate technical concepts to facilitate understanding. • Rapidly learn and master varied systems and programs.• Track tasks and progress in a ticketing system.
  • Webspec Design, LLC.
    Web Developer, 2007 - 2010
    • Slice web designs into dynamic HTML/CSS/JavaScript/PHP.• Utilize PHP for low- to medium-complexity backend systems.• Create and work with MySQL databases.• Be familiar with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.• Utilize JavaScript and jQuery for enhancing web sites.• Know and love HTML5 and CSS3 for cutting-edge web development.• Use FTP and Linux servers.• Communicate with and train clients in person and over-the-phone.• Write easy-to-understand documentation for clients.
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UX Architect + Open Source
I'm an open source collaborator, front-end web developer, UX designer, tinkerer, and all-around geek.

Cofounder of and UX designer for elementary.

Things of which I'm a fan:
  • elementary OS
  • Android
  • Open Source
  • Design
  • Typography
  • LEGO
  • Star Wars
  • PlayStation
  • Tesla Motors
  • Minecraft
  • Destiny
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elementary cofounder. Married to a beautiful woman!
  • University of Northern Iowa
    Interactive Digital Studies, 2012 - 2014
    Liberal Arts, 2010 - 2012
  • Valley High School
    2006 - 2010
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Room was decently sized and convenient, but the whole hotel had a super shady/in- instruction feel to it. We only ever saw one person working in the entire building, and one massive section of the hotel was just unlit with cords running across the hallway. The pool area was large and probably would have been fun with kids. Overall the hotel seems to be designed to be rented out for its ballrooms and is in direct need of updating.
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I usually love Peet's, but this location has been hit or miss. Recently I've had great service and friendly baristas, but I've also had very inexperienced baristas. Terrible parking like everything else in the area.
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138 reviews
Great service
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Tons of food, amazing Chilean sea bass. Not many options for vegetarians or other unique/special diets.
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reviewed a month ago