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Minute by minute Analytics

When measuring your digital property's do you also take concurrency into account when looking at minute by minute data? #MeasureCamp

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Casper Blicher Olsen

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Being able to combine passion and profession, is the most awe-inspiring thing I know!
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Casper Blicher Olsen

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Good times with +Dave Booth from +Cardinal Path.
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That event was a lot of fun - really happy to have been a part of it and of course great to see the great +Casper Blicher Olsen as always ;-).  +Maciej Lewiński , look forward to seeing you again and nice work on the green screen ;-).
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Leap Motion and Google Analytics

Playing around with the +Google Analytics interface using +Leap Motion is not just cool, it's awesome! For instance, try to use your hand to control the Google Earth integration in the real time report or dig into a motion chart to showcase the data points as they move.

Looking forward testing new ways of presenting analytics data, using the leap motion controller.  
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As long as they don't slice a pie chart :-) 
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Three New Cross Device Reports Coming to Google Analytics + BigQuery Integration

This week has really been GA awesomelicious with a couple of very cool announcements from the +Google Analytics team. If you haven't had the opportunity to see the Google Analytics presentation from +Nick Mihailovski, +Andrew Wales and +Pete Frisella at Google I/O 2013, then you probably haven't hear about the three new reports coming you Google Analytics (for Universal Analytics users).

The three new reports will be:

Device Overlap Report
This new report will allow you to segment users and outcomes such as conversions, revenue, by different device combinations. So instead of focusing on a single device for metrics like revenue and conversion rate, you'll new be able to see cross devices. This will help you analyze users who converted using a specific combination of devices such as Desktop + Tablet.

Device Paths Report
This new report will allow you to segment users and outcomes by device paths, not overlabs but paths. We know the paths from the Multi-Channel Funnel reports in GA, but instead of looking at the channels, we know look at the different devices used in the conversion journey. 

Acquisition Source Report
This new report will for the first time (in GA) allow you to get a 'true' acquisition value by device. So if a user converts on three different devices (three different conversions, one per device) – first on a mobile, then a tablet, and finally a desktop, then you'll now be able to see the Revenue From Originating Touchpoint which would be the mobile, and the Revenye From Other Touchpoints which would be the tablet and desktop. 

The video link here will take you directly into +Andrew Wales's presentation of the new reports:

Are these reports available in Google Analytics now? No, the reports are currently in a limited pilot (according to the presentation). 

Google Analytics Premium Data Meets Google BigQuery
Aside from the three upcoming cross device reports to Google Analytics, a new BigQuery integration for Google Analytics Premium clients was announced at Google I/O. The new integration will use session and hit level data and the opportunity to combine it with separate data sets. This will allow for easier and faster ways of getting business insights from your data. 

Here are two good articles worth reading if you would like to know more about the new integration with Google BigQuery:

Google Analytics Blog:
+Cardinal Path blog (by +Stephane Hamel):

User ID vs Client ID Definition:
User ID (UID): representants a single user across all of their devices.
Client ID (CID): is an anonymous ID that represents a single user on a single device. 

If you would like to check out the full length (34 mins) GA presentation from Google I/0, it's available here:
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Have him in circles
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Casper Blicher Olsen

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Awards for Excellence 2014: Nominees

If you're a member of the Digital Analytics Association (if not, become a member today), now is your chance to vote for the 2014 Awards for Excellence Nominees.

Shoutout to +Steen Rasmussen  and +Dave Booth 
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Thanks Casper!
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Knowledge to empower... I feel lucky to have meet so many inspiring people around the globe, this makes my job so awe-inspiring.
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show off :P
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New Term: Pie Charter!

A negative term used among geeks, especially in the data visualization community, for a person who is not very clever and/or tends to slack off.

The origin of the word is that a pie chart is an overused and frequently ineffective way to display information and statistics. Someone who uses a lot of pie charts is narrow-minded, lazy and stupid.

He did a very poor job on that project. What a pie charter!

Don't be a pie charter! You said you would clean the house today so do it.

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I've never heard the term either but I do recognize the awful habits you speak of :-). I believe that the visuals you choose are just as important as the data they represent. Man I've seen some ugly charts and dashboards...
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Chrome Platform Analytics

So we all love +Google Analytics, but what if we could measure interactions in Chrome Platform Apps and Extensions? Now you can! With the help of this (official) JavaScript library from +Google Chrome, developers now can use Google Analytics to measure user interactions in their Chrome apps and extensions.

About (CPA):
The Google Analytics Platform lets you measure user interactions with your business across various devices and environments. The platform provides resources to collect, store, process, and report on user interactions. Chrome Platform Analytics (CPA) is a client library that lets you collect user interactions specifically in Chrome Platform Apps (also known as Packaged Apps) and Extensions, and send them to the Google Analytics Platform.

Get Chrome Platform Analytics (CPA):
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When the Google Analytics Community hears about a new GA feature

Yesterday came the ability to create filters to limit and modify the traffic data that is included in a profile, in +Google Analytics (read more about the release here: and find all documentation here:

The picture below illustrates how the +Google Analytics Community reacts to all the new additions to the tool - Happy Friday everybody! :)
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Really good! :)
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Digital Analytics & Data Visualization Specialist

I help advise SMBs and enterprise companies on how to integrate Google Analytics into business cultures on an upper management level. 

I'm also a member of the International Institute of Business Analysis and the Digital Analytics Association (DAA), where I currently serves as a member of both the DAA Research Committee and the DAA EU SIG Regarding Privacy. 

Beside that you can find me at industry conferences and events like the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit, GAUGE, X Change, Web Analytics Wednesdays and the Google Analytics Business Conference. 

When I'm not on Google+ you can find me on Twitter (@casperblicher) where I like to share my perspectives and experiences on especially Google Analytics.

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First Dane to complete the UBC Award of Achievement in Web Analytics.
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  • The University of British Columbia
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