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Is CalendarTask or ClockTask working for anyone else on Android Nougat? The apps freeze instantly when I try to open them.

Thanks so much for adding Quick Settings to your app! It made converting my notification toggles into quick setting toggles a breeze! However, when I restart my phone the QS tiles are not there - I have to open Power Toggles, go to Quick Settings, open a tile's settings, then tap OK to make all my QS tiles show up again.

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Maybe the next evolution for Power Toggles will be native Marshmallow tiles? And yes, there's an app that can do it already!

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Dropbox users: want 3GB extra space for free? Download the Carousel app and verify your email (if you already got free space for uploading photos though, you're out of luck).

Free Uber ride up to $20 on new years! Use code ubernewyearsfree

Was looking at Moto's Power Pack for my keychain to act as a trusted bluetooth device, until I found out it doesn't support low energy Bluetooth 4.0.

Some Googling found me GOkey. Bluetooth, battery pack, charger cable, and USB storage! Discounted preorders are still happening, just ordered mine.

Hey guys, was hoping someone would be kind enough to give me a little help with basic Command Filter entries using Regex.

What I'm trying to do: give a single voice command to turn GPS on and Bluetooth off.

Command Filter for "Turn On GPS" is "GPS.+on|on.+GPS"
Command Filter for "Turn Off GPS" is "GPS.+off|off.+GPS"
Command Filter for "Turn On Bluetooth" is "Bluetooth.+on|on.+Bluetooth"
Command Filter for "Turn Off Bluetooth" is "Bluetooth.+off|off.+Bluetooth"

Separately, these commands work great. But if I say "Turn on GPS and turn off Bluetooth now", it screws things up since "on" and "off" probably trigger conflicting commands at the same time.

How do I make AutoVoice recognize 2 separate phrases exactly, so when the word 'on' is next to 'GPS' it won't interfere with the word 'off' next to 'Bluetooth' in the same voice command? i.e. how can I make Autovoice see "Turn 'on GPS' and turn 'off Bluetooth' now" as two separate commands and execute each, without 'on' getting associated with 'Bluetooth' or 'off' getting associated with 'GPS'?

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Patent trolls have been making things difficult for technology companies, and podcasting is next. If you listen to podcasts regularly, consider helping the legal defense fund.

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This made my week

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I've been waiting so long for this rerelease — my favorite Final Fantasy game of all time (possibly a tie with VII). The character sprites are a bit strange, but the other graphics look great.
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