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Casey Rain
Artist (Solo & w/ Swami), Songwriter/Vocalist, Presenter, Vegan, Neosoulja, Prince/MJ fan!
Artist (Solo & w/ Swami), Songwriter/Vocalist, Presenter, Vegan, Neosoulja, Prince/MJ fan!


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EXCLUSIVE : The Violet Reality interviewed Angie Marchese, Head of Archives at Paisley Park! Prince Family, you need to check this out!

Ahead of the upcoming MY NAME IS PRINCE Exhibition at the O2 in London, we landed this exclusive interview!

Of course, we had many questions, including what surprised her most about Paisley Park when the museum project began, what’s coming to London, how the archival process works and a long running Prince mystery…. WHAT IS THE EGG BUILDING AT PAISLEY PARK FOR?

Join us - Casey Rain & Kim Camilia of The Violet Reality as we find out the answers to all these questions, and more!

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Purple Army, we're BACK! Episode 42 of This Week in Prince has crash landed with some serious BASS and a huge dose of FONK!

We're talking about Steve Parke's upcoming PICTURING PRINCE Gallery Show, Prince's family wanting to launch a new record label, and MORE!

Tune in, turn on, put your funk face on and GET WILD!

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Casey Rain & Kim Camilia
The Violet Reality

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Funkateers of the Purple Army! We're back once again bringing you all the purple news cuz U Know we Live 2 Get Funky! Episode 41 of THIS WEEK IN PRINCE is here!

The big news right now is the upcoming MY NAME IS PRINCE exhibition in London! Check out the video for all the righteous info! Along with that, we bring you news on Andy Allo, Judith Hill, Black Alley, Steve Parke, Sheila E, The NPG..... and a STATUE of Prince? All that, and Kim and I have a fight about what Prince's favorite color was ;)

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The Violet Reality

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It's here! It's here! This Week in Prince #40 and boy do we have A HUGE episode for you guys!!

Prince's Pantone Color! New experiences and merch at Paisley! TV Shows! PRN Alumni Events! Sharon Nelson's interview with the org! The Hookers! All this and more!

Tune in as Casey Rain & Kim Camilia once again break down all the purple news.... Just 4U!

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The Violet Reality

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Army of Purple! We're back with Episode 39 of This Week in Prince, talking about new videos, new merchandise, Donna G's new band, new Prince footage and MORE! We're getting real funky up in here as we continue to honor the genius of PRINCE ROGERS NELSON.

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Peace & B Wild
Casey Rain & Kim Camilia
The Violet Reality

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Purple Family, we are back with another funk-filled episode of This Week in Prince! In Episode 38, we talk about leaked songs, murals, shows, and.... reptiles?

Tune in, turn on and get funked up as we discuss everything happening in our Purple Universe! Don't forget to Like, Comment, Share and Subscribe!

Casey & Kim
The Violet Reality

(P.S Right after we started uploading this, they added the "Controversy" video to the official YouTube account! So ignore that part of the video! lol)

Starting now, we are no longer accepting new members to NPG+.

UPDATE - We will now be reviewing all posts before they get published. I'm sure you all understand why we have to do this.

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Fellow soldiers of the Purple Army, we have returned with a new episode of THIS WEEK IN PRINCE! Episode 37 is dedicated to the late great John Blackwell. Amongst other things, we discuss Prince's return to YouTube and the upcoming Paisley Park Musicology event! Tune in and check it out!

As always.... love4oneanother
Casey Rain & Kim Camilia
The Violet Reality

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