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Casey Pham
I like cats, naps, cheeseburgers, and being chic.
I like cats, naps, cheeseburgers, and being chic.

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Chicnanigans in Seattle
I am so happy I got a chance to go back to Seattle this past weekend. I was there about 2 months ago at the very start of their summer season and I caught the tail end of their perfect weather streak. I got a chance to visit UW again for my sister's White C...

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The look for today is "I know Labor Day has passed but it's still 90 degrees"
There are two very important lessons in today's post. The first is that I don't stretch my left leg enough and I know that because when my trainer helps me stretch out after a workout my left leg muscles are super tight and it sometimes works but my right l...

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Must-Have #4
The must have item of the moment is breakfast ! When I have breakfast, my venue of choice is a local restaurant called Mama Kat's. They have the sweetest (and cutest) wait staff, the food is amazing, and it's dog friendly when you eat at the patio! For lunc...

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Throwback Sunday
I just wanted to take some time to reflect on the second time I ever purchased a pair of Prada shoes. They were black spazzolato wingtips it was the first time I ever purchased a pair of nice black dress shoes. I get tired of shoes pretty fast so I'm glad I...

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Y'all ready to get grimey?
It was so hot yesterday, I didn't even do my hair. I also didn't care that this alleyway smelled like shit since I already stepped in corgi poop last week in my glitter shoes. Shirt, jeans, and shoes by Saint Laurent Clutch by Maison Martin Margiela

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Work Selfie
I really hope Saint Laurent sends scouts to the San Diego area to find new employees because they don't have a San Diego store but there's a huge market for their product that's missing. Both menswear and womenswear have been doing so well in LA and Orange ...

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The look for today is "Childhood Dreams and Aspirations"
I started getting into fashion at a fairly young age. I was probably 11 or 12 when I first discovered Dior Homme. I never really cared for fashion because my idea of men's fashion was basically 90's Versace. Which is a cool thing now but it certainly wasn't...

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The look for today is "It's my only chance this week to wear a leather jacket"
I checked the weather forecast before going to work today and it said the high was 75, which is cooler than every other day this week. So I figured this would be the only chance I'd have in a long time to wear my leather jacket. And I did. I mean wearing a ...

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Details #1
One thing I love about Givenchy shirts is this little cross detail on the back. Actually it's really the only distinguishable thing about Givenchy dress shirts. Also, note that The Fashun Chronicles will now be known as Chicnanigans. The Fashun Chronicles w...

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Chic-nanigans #1: Beer tasting
So if you're in San Diego, the hip and happening thing to do is taste beer. There are so many local breweries all over the county, and North County is especially dense in the number of breweries present. I actually know nothing about beer and I normally onl...
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